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Who has the cartridge? And why aren't you wearing it?


How many NHL'94 carts do you have  

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  1. 1. How many NHL'94 cart's you have:

    • More than ebay does
    • More than you do
    • Not enough zeros on a calculator to tell
    • One
    • Two
    • I have none I'm from a theocratic republic where dancing is against the law

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I have NHL Hockey and NHLPA '93 and I know a couple places that carry classic games. My eyes did come across a nhl 94 cartridge, but I did not have a Genesis at the time so I did not buy it, And unfortunately I have not seen a nhl 94 cart since, so i do not have a hold of the cartridge. But if i do come across a cartridge nhl 94 again i will use all at my extent to buy it.

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Well I have to admit I don't own a Cart of NHL94 (though I do own 96). But I do have a wonderful mint condition copy of the SegaCD version. I even have that little foam insert that held the CD in place during shipping! Gotta love high quality organ music.

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I have one cartridge that I've been playing with since I was a young lad, and then I have a second cartridge and SNES console in their original packaging stashed away in a box made of led inside a safe which is locked inside another safe which is buried inside my nuke proof bunker. crap! maybe I should have included a TV :unsure:

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I bought a bunch when they were a (nonCanadan) dollar or less around the proverbial "turn of the century." since then, I have been giving them away, sometimes to boardmembers....

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NHL 94 Checklist

Portable Sega Genesis (PSP or Retro Gen Portable)

A working laptop

USB Connector or USB Controller

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The only viable excuse for not having a NHL'94 cartridge is that you have many, you remodeled your bathroom and all the shower tiles are now NHL'94 cartridges, or you are in fact a NHL'94 cartridge yourself.

Emulators are a nice way to play the game don't get me wrong but a league player not having the cartridge is like a local weather man who doesn't wear a pathetic bow tie.

Or a self obsessed person who doesn't flap their phone shut with maximum velocity when they are finished talking to tell everyone they're done being cool.

It's also versatile and is good to take bar hopping (not a better innuendo than cartridge slot), and you can punch a hole through the cart and wear it on your belt loop with one of those janitor cords.

But it doesn't matter which version of the game you have, or how you bought | borrowed | exhumed | found in another persons house. As long as you have one. And hopefully you have the manual so you can cut out Mark Lesser's head and put it on a picture of an ex or on a picture of someone who doesn't have the cartridge.

Having the system to actually play the damn game it is good too.

I want to make everyone aware that the room was actually dark when these pictures were taken. When all the NHL'94 artifacts are assembled in one place they glow like the stones in the Indiana Jones movie.



I just bought a guide, Nhl hockey (92) in box and manaul, and nhl 94 with box and manaual. My guide has come but not my games. Can not wait to get them. And I prefer not to use roms because I like the orignal console.

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No cartridge right now, playing for keeps on the PC. But, I'm wearing the game on me at almost all times, thanks to Sportiqe. And is it just me, or does this guy look just a little like a younger Wayne? He's got the flow to say the least.



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