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How about you get it started, you drunken bastard?

really jrod you wanna give him that idea

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Swos is done with GDL damn! Vocally I hope u can hire someone as good! Btw coaches want 55% of GDL profits this season or we will strike! Hokkee do not cross the picket line!

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just found the gdl-8 rom recently, its my favorite rom to play now! its awesome!

seeing the snes draft lg get started is making me crave this. whats the deal with this lg? no swos, so no más?

i gotta get in the next gdl. how do i sign up?

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apparently swos is done with GDL and Vocally needs help to run it anyways if you wanna sign up for it there is a waiting list thread

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Hey Frey I spoke 2 Swos the other day he just informed me that........I'm the only 2 time champion ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!:).....checkmate nhl94.com

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