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4 hours ago, Nhl94slapshot said:


Man I can relate to this one cuz today, I was pounding.........







A few cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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Just another Covid-19 public service announcement: Alcohol, NHL94, and Tattoos Don't Mix.


Spring...1994.  Deep-into-the-night-NHL 94-tourney with the boys.  End of the 2nd period, game 7, for the cup, down 10 goals...

All your friends watching: You're gonna lose by 18

You: channel your inner Herb Brooks and pull of the biggest miracle on ice.

------------------many years later--------------

Present day NHL 94 tourney...: Someone's chirpin' you 'bout how you can't play manual goalie good anymore.

You: Smile and remember that magical night back in the Spring of 94.  Drink your 12th beer and make plans to get a tattoo on your a$$ of Herb Brooks yelling and NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick taking the winning slapper where the goal is on your a$$hole to commemorate your miracle on ice.  

Tattoo artist after hearing your request: (crickets)


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