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Help! - I'm the Ottawa Senators!


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Gents! Hope everything is awesome.

I'm taking a stab at the Ottawa Senators for season 4 of our inter-office NHL94 League. If anyone has experience playing as this ragtag gaggle of Junior B bench warmers and jersey fillers and has any hints or tips, please let me know. Very much appreciate any help. Cheers!



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Props to you for trying Ottawa! They are one of the 3 teams that make up the worst of the worst for GENS (Anaheim and Florida the other two). If you win or are competitive, that will allow you to talk even more smack to your office mates! :)

If you haven't already, I suggest reading Building Lines with AJ's take on the Senators. It'll cover everything you have to know:


Here's his bottom line:

Bottom Line: Just don’t. But if you must, it is essential to slow the game down and frustrate the opponent. The Senators simply do not have the talent to carry a game offensively; they must create turnovers, convert their chances on offense, and keep the puck away from their “goalies”. Good luck.

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Yes, what kingraph said, please read the article I've posted. It should be able to help you figure out the lineup you'll need to be competitive.

I played a season as Ottawa many years ago, I think i went 14-16 or something like that and got swept by Detroit in the 1st round. What I found to be successful was to play a trap style of game and then counter off of it. If you attempt to just wheel and deal and play a wide open style of game, more often than not the other team will just murder Ottawa.

Know your matchups, it is critical to know who you can abuse physically and who you should avoid. Put yourself in situations that you can succeed, thats really the best and only thing you can do.

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I wish my office was cool like that.... O_O

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Baker is OK at scoring on one-timers. He seems to get in ok position.

If things aren't working, try rushing with Norm MacIver. He's actually pretty decent. I'd say he's the best player on the team.

Berthiaume is the better goalie (but that's not saying much).

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Indeed, you will want to avoid using stinky pete sidorkiewicz


one of my experiences with him between the pipes.

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