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Anyone want to take over the Ottawa Nationals?

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I'm not sure what happened to good ol bud Indiana Jonee but he only played 22 of 56 games this season.

I'd give the league one more week for someone to take over the team and go gangbusters and try and get the rest of the games in to help the other buds finish their season(plus it impacts seedings as well).

Anyone want to attempt this enormous feat?

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What happened to McMarkis? Is he still around and want the team?

hes too busy these days he told me.

do you know anyone that rhymes with b4outlaws that might want to take over?

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Being fpb needed 30+ games to finish, then I think you should give him another week. Thats alot of games to try and make up

I gave him until monday night. It's a tall challenge for anyone. but it'll be time to get playoffs started since classic is starting up soon.

FPB has played 8 games already...he's having a lot of fun. he really loves his team and he loves the rom and the league...I think he'll do just fine getting them in. I have faith.

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