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Editing music/sounds in NHL '94- a start


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5 hours ago, Drezz said:

Yeah, it's a bit of work. It depends on the synthesizer used to make the track. If it is a rip that used midi instrumentation, you may be able to convert it. Otherwise, you're stuck having to transcribe it yourself. hat's what I had to do with the first half of the HNIC theme as there is no sheet music or midi samples available for it. It's long and tedious.

Yay, tedium....

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4 minutes ago, Jlsegafan2001 said:

Sadly, based on this error, Mido cannot be installed:taxError: invalid syntax


If you want custom music the easy way, I heard a guy who is really smart and handsome and cool made this patch:


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3 minutes ago, smozoma said:

not from python command line. from powershell/cmd. Please check the link. make sure you use the 3.11 python.exe when running the command.

Also can you tell me where you got midi2nhl94.py? the github copy is midi_2_nhl94.py (https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94)

I had to create it myself by copying and pasting the script, since the script on your Github cannot be downloaded

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33 minutes ago, Jlsegafan2001 said:

I had to create it myself by copying and pasting the script, since the script on your Github cannot be downloaded

OK, in case something went weird with copy/paste, use this link to save it:


Or this to get a zip: https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94/zipball/main

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14 minutes ago, Jlsegafan2001 said:

Looks like something went weird with the copy/paste, as using the link to save it all of a sudden worked

great, good to know. I didn't realize github made it so difficult to download the project. I'll add a note into the Readme with the zip link.

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44 minutes ago, Jlsegafan2001 said:



But now I find myself with a bunch of .csv files. I'm going to look at the video you sent in regards to the process.


For the record, "Something Good" is going to replace the title theme.

This program extracts a single track (instrument) from a MIDI. They can't be combined (yet). It likely won't sound good as a main theme. It's for the organ songs (single-instrument songs). So my suggestion is to first try replacing an organ song like the Whalers song like in my video. Don't jump straight to the main theme, it will not be possible.

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That's because I'm the man. LOL

It's not the easiest thing to do, honestly. There was a lot of trial and error, and happy accidents. I had to mod smoz' script to work with the midi I created because for some reason the tempo and timing wouldn't work. I would suggest following smoz' suggestion and try a team organ first so you get the hang of it. Then you can go off-roading and explore how to fake getting more channels in there.

The only other people I know of who actually changed the intro was Sean and CPLANAS. And they used stock intro music from other EA games.

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I have to create a proper HOW TO on how I did it. But that will come AFTER my mod is released. I've spent too much time dinking around with changes and just want to get this damn thing done once and for all.

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On 2/25/2023 at 5:05 PM, Drezz said:

So further to @Asher413 original findings and @smozoma handiwork with the python script and video, I did some additional sleuthing and came up with a few things on my own by poking around.

In the image below, you see the start block of the NHL94 Theme (4507A) and in the highlighted area seems to be the initial "control" for the song output.

00 C0 0B 01: where,

C0 = channel
0B = "instrument"




It turns out you can put these control bytes into the organ songs to change the instruments. Grab the first ~1000 bytes of the main NHL'94 theme song and overwrite a team's main organ song, and it'll play the main theme with the right instruments.

However once in a while some notes get dropped, probably because the channel is being used for certain in-game sounds like bodychecks or the crowd cheering...

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