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Announcing the Quick Draft League, a league designed to get through a draft and a season at a higher rate of speed and to fill in those gaps in between the big leagues like Classic, CDL, and whatever Brutus comes up with for next league. 


Here is how the draft process is sped up. Instead of drafting players, you will be drafting from pre-selected forward lines, defense pairs, and goalie pairs from each team. There are 2 scoring lines, 2 defense pairings, and 1 goalie pairing. The draft will last 5 rounds and each team will draft two forward lines, two defense pairs, and one goalie pair for 12 total players. Once the team is selected, forward lines and defense pairings are up to the owner. 

Some examples of what I am talking about:

Team 1 drafts: New Jersey Goalies, Kings SC1, Dallas SC2, Florida D1, Hartford D2. Team 1 is now rostering - Terreri, Billington, Gretzky, Lucky Luc, Sandstrom, Dave Gagner, Ulh Dahlen, Brent Gilchrist, Gord Muprhy, StephanD Richer, Eric Weinrich, Allen Pedersen. 

Team 2 drafts: Rangers Goalies, Winnipeg D1, Washington D1, Tampa SC1, Detroit SC2. Team 2 is now rostering - Richter, Mario Gosselin (need 2 goalies per team), Housley, Teppo, Big Al, Sylvain, Bradley, Kasper, Andersson, Drake, Kozlov, Ysebaert

Team 1 can set a line of Terreri, Murphy-Weinrich, Gretzky-Sandstrom-Dave Gagner, with Luc as the 3rd F. Team 2 can set a line of Richter, Housley-Iafrate, Drake-Bradley-Ysebaert

Rom will be a classic rom with reduced roster size. For season 1, limited to 24 teams from the existing roster (to be selected after draft lottery), everyone plays everyone else Home and Home, total of 46 games. Top 16 make the playoffs. Season should run relatively quickly. If its a hit, we run it back during another in between space. If you have questions, DM me on discord and I can answer them. 

Sign up below. 


1. TJ

2. niuhuskie

3. scribe

4. whalers (Hartford)

5. modano09

6. leif

7. big v

8. mr t

9. AJ

10. AdolfOliverNipples

11. Hokkeefan (Van)

12. Annatar

13. Chris O

14. FlamShelter

15. OkBoehmer

16. dcicon

17. Lego (rangers)

18. Dangler

19. MikeGartner

20. Schmidt

21. Corbettkb

22. Tickenest 

23. Kaze

24. Indio


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