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  1. Team: Northstars Leif Erikson LW:Steen C:Dino RW:Kovalenko LD:Brisbois RD:Tinordi G:Potvin Extra:F:Leeman D:Butcher
  2. LD: HatcherRD: BriseboisLW: YzermanC: LindrosRW: ZhamnovX: Linden
  3. Minnesota Northstars C-Bradley LW-Granato RW-Kovalenko D-Huddy D-1st D Housley D 1st sub Gill 1st Forward Lapointe
  4. Philly - Leif RW C LW Bondra. Carson Selanne Tochett Sutter RD LD Lidstrom Desjardins Hatcher
  5. Minnesota North Stars C Selanne LW Broten RW Juneau LD Konstantov RD Brown Xtra attacker: Verbeek First Forward Sub: Verbeek First Defensive Sub: Tinordi  Goalie: Belfour
  6. Awesome! Looking forward to it. Thank you for doing it Chaos!
  7. I would like to be in the league. I have played a couple test games. Please let me know what else I need to do. Thank you
  8. On it. I just posted a message on discord. Thank you for the help
  9. Hello, I am a rookie, and just getting setup with NHL 94 Online play. I have the emulator and would like to try setup a game with someone. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Josh
  10. I love this league even though I have no hockey knowledge. I never watched hockey growing up so I am clueless on the players but it does not matter I still love playing in this league. I also do not have the rom editing skills to do any of the work. The only thing I can offer is to help pay for hosting/domain fees. Please let me know if that would help. Team LeifErikson Great work thus far Sun.