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I talked it over with Dmitry, and these seemed like fair deadlines:

20 Games by : 12/5/2007

40 Games by : 12/26/2007

Season Ends : 1/14/2008

Playoff Rounds: One Week per Round

If for some reason you don't have this many games available by this time, just make sure you have the ones that are available completed.

If there are circumstances where you need an extension (i.e. edisaurusrex's connection) then they can be granted.

I understand that this is going to be a busy time of year with the holidays coming up. I know myself I will be back on the East Coast for a good stretch around Christmas up until New Year's and will probably not be on a computer at all to play. Just please let everyone know if you plan on not being around. If you go AWOL, it will be assumed that you are not interested in playing anymore.

When a deadline is coming up, I will check to make sure that everyone is up to par, and if you're not I will send you a PM and attempt to get a hold of you on AIM. That will be your 1 (ONE) warning. If there is no response and no attempt to complete games are made, you will be replaced by the next available coach on the waiting list.

Plain and simple, just play your games and this isn't a factor.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season so far. :lol:

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I've been laid up with a nagging back injury, but I expect to play through it. I'm usually on, but half the time I'm laying on the couch trying to rest.

I got 6 games to go to get to the checkpoint, so yeah...I'll take all you got to offer, and I'll look like a punching bag afterwards B)

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I should be around today and tomorrow.. the weekends are pretty much the only time my connection at school lets games be played. If i dont get my games in by the 5th, The first semester ends the 14th so i will be able to pump a ton of games out at that point.

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I will be online as long as I can tonight so please, if you see me on AIM and we have a game against each other, hit me up right away so we can play.

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I'm pretty sure that a ton of guys are gonna be given leeway on this. There's no way you're gonna kick f**king half the league out for not playing 20 by dec. 5. I'm pretty sure there are gonna be at least 10 guys well under that by Wednesday. And to be honest, I'm not up for playing 15 guys who need to get caught up in the next couple days or so, no offense to those of you who apply. It's obvious that a lot people just aren't up for playing that many games quickly in this amount of time, even though this requirement was made VERY clear from the very beginning. And if you couldn't do it, you didn't sign up. Oh well.

GG, nhl94.com.


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here is the problem...

when there are no deadlines, the league drags on for months.

when deadlines are set, the league is still going to drag on b/c people still aren't playing games.

skool you're right. half the league cant be kicked out b/c they dont have 20 played by the 5th.

right now the average is 14 games played by everyone. i think thats respectable.

but the guys under 10 games have to pick it up a little bit. I don't care if the season progresses at a slower rate than the deadlines as long as there isnt a huge gap between the highest and lowest.

i know guys have had problems with internet issues or real life schedules and thats cool, there are things that cant be avoided. just keep us up to date on whats going on, so the guys who are looking for games dont spend all their free time waiting around.

keep up the great job, and keep playing games. :)

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GensDraftLeague Game#1620 KingsCupRun93(Los Angeles) vs habs(Montreal)

GensDraftLeague Game#1672 habs(Montreal) vs edisaurusrex(San Jose)

GensDraftLeague Game#1673 habs(Montreal) vs edisaurusrex(San Jose)

GensDraftLeague Game#1678 habs(Montreal) vs KingsCupRun93(Los Angeles)

GensDraftLeague Game#1682 habs(Montreal) vs kgman01(Winnipeg)

GensDraftLeague Game#1704 SSiG(New Jersey) vs habs(Montreal)

GensDraftLeague Game#1807 monkeyjuice(Philadelphia) vs habs(Montreal)

GensDraftLeague Game#1890 edisaurusrex(San Jose) vs habs(Montreal)


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Well the deadline is here:

13 Teams have not reached 20 games yet. So I can't kick everyone out. But, of those teams 5 DO NOT have at least 15 games.

TakeYourPill, Carse, thegr8199kings, monkeyjuice, and kingscuprun93

This is your official warning. Try to have at least 15 games played (hopefully at least 20) by Sunday Night / Monday Morning, December 10th, at 12:00 Midnight EST.

If you do not have 15 games completed by then, you will replaced by a member of the waiting list. No questions asked.

If there is a reason why you are unable to get games in (real world problem, internet connection) please either let me know or post it here on the forums. Otherwise, I will take it as you do not wish to continue playing.

If you are looking for games and can not find anyone, please post an attempt on the forums, that way I know that you are making an effort and it won't get you thrown out.

So please get your games in, there are plenty left of the available games on the schedule.

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im at 13 gms and was one of the first to 10... i play whenever my connection at school allows me to. This semester is over next week so after that week i will be, as i always have been, one of the most reliable player for getting my games in in the league

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Since the holidays are coming up, I'm going to move the 2nd deadline back to January 7th.

I will be back East from Dec. 21st - Dec. 31st and will be unavailable for games.

I figured it was a safe assumption that others could be travelling and may not have the time to play.

Many of us are near the 30 game mark now, so keep up the great job and just try to get in as many games as possible.

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