Kega Fusion netplay testing

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it was very smooth but i found the game slower

Probably because you are too accustomed to playing on gens/kaillera now, rather than playing an actual genesis version!

I find when I enable fps display, in the gens emu, and make a game on a kaillera server..... the framerate hovers ABOVE 60.0, at 60.2 at least, and sometimes makes this odd jump to 64 fps (glitch, or another legitimate flaw of the emulator or kaillera?)

Weird, cause when i play the game offline in gens, I get a more proper 59.9 fps.....though when i disable sound or a certain sound option, it goes ABOVE 60 fps just like when i play on kaillera, even with all the sound options on!

Kega will give you 60.0 normally, but for some reason if you put vsynch on while in windowed mode, it causes it to go above 60.0, kinda like what's forced with kaillera. Besides this instance, Kega will give you a constant, accurate to a REAL genesis timing of 60.0, barring any lag issues online which could drop it of course. THAT'S RIGHT, THE GENS EMULATOR VERSION OF 94 IS FORCED AT AN INACCURATE FPS SPEED WHEN USED WITH KAILLERA!

It may seem like such a small difference, but for someone like hokkee who has probably played so many online games with gens, he could notice it, and it may throw him off just a bit. Combine this with the fact that kaillera likes to skip frames, which leads to skipped animations, which could make the game seem faster than it really is as well.

EDIT: Rechecked the framerate difference of both the emu's, but relied on fraps instead of the built in emulator fps displays, and it showed 61 fps most of the time for Gens, and 60 for Kega. Again, I think this is one reason nhl94 feels slower to Gens emu vets, but I'm guessing it more has to do with the skipped frames that Gens does. But since Kega doesn't tend to skip frames, it feels like it's slower than it really is.

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I think its impossible to expect everybody's connection to be perfect 24/7, and not have time periods where they might drops packets/data or have ping spikes. Luckily my DSL has been solid and consistent for me. But Kega can seem to handle these issues of slightly unstable connections better than kaillera it seems for the most part, if not always better.

But, yes, there are some players who can have absolutely horrid connections to a point which make the game barely any fun to play online with them. Whether or not it's some software bogging down their pc, firewall, spyware etc., or an isp issue... they should try to take care of it. If its an isp issue they might be out of luck, but it wouldn't hurt to call the isp and complain... It's worth a try even if the chances are they are a big corporation, and they could give less than a damn about a single person's complaint. And they might not care either that they might be the only high speed solution available to you either :)

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Minddefect, you hit on the exact problem with gens.

The online frame rate consistently is higher than 60 and jumpy too. There really isn't anything that can be done about it, I've tried. Newer Gens32 and Kega simply have more accurate timing, and that's the reason the control is more responsive.

gr199, I agree that medium is a good middle ground. But the main point I want to make is that people need to check their own connections with the ping test I listed, so that if the connection spikes they can try to improve it instead of blaming it on a setting or the emulator.

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Updated my first post a bit, found a fix for an issue that occasionally the game is actually not in sync from the start, where it looks fine for both players in the menu's, until the actual game starts and your opponent starts playing like he's...well...... special. Actually I remember looking at the Kega forums and this fixed netplay for some people with issues.

The remedy is to turn off/disable Auto Detect under the Country menu, and make sure only USA has a check mark by it in that menu.

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download link doesn't work anymore

The site is down temporarily for a security upgrade:

We're down for maintainance but will be back soon!!!

By: Pablo on: 2008/11/12 [13:06]

Hey fellow fans of Eidolon's Inn. Unfortunately I had to take the site down due to security concerns. As it has come to our attention someone injected malicious code into our site and forwarded you guys to a page with malware and exploits! We are currently updating our system and hopefully fixing the loopholes and will then restore the inn. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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When i use Kega i define the controlls, but then the controls in the game get all screwy and the game commands its self.

i guess it does not support my controler

I think Ice had this problem before when he enabled the Teamplayer adapter in controller options. If you want to try enabling 4 players in Kega, enable the EA four way play adapter instead. Also, DO NOT enable high priority mode, as this could make some input lag on your controller. Zsnes gave me that problem as well.

I must warn though, that the netplay in Kega probably won't work too well with 3 or 4 players, as I don't think it was made for it, but you can give it a shot and report the experience.

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Ya, make sure you don't have any boxes at the bottom of the controller tab checked.

I had 'TeamPlayer {Port1} checked and it caused issues. Set your controller configuration on top drop down Port 1 section. I use 3 button Pad and I'm pretty sure it reads the type of controller ur using.

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Maybe minddefect can solve this problem for me, but Im having issues trying to host with hamachi. I try and Ping the person trying to connect to me and it says 'Request Timed Out'.

Hoping you have an idea how to solve this.

Edit: It shouldnt matter if you cant ping a person, but make sure when your hosting to click Create button.

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