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  1. nice work!.........u have my vote for bud of year but kg doesnt like politics and he is working on different extraction methods*
  2. kgman

    95 the year 2020

    I think $3 bus ride to downtown is bit much for me .....count me out!
  3. kgman

    Discord been down for 30 minutes

    kg been down since he was born......f the system
  4. now that's tough ai lol
  5. next tourney in kg country ......Toronto or Montreal! the Montreal strip clubs .......anyone who gets skunked gotta pay for a lap dance
  6. pretty cool! but I know lacrosse when I see it and that is lacrosse lol
  7. GDL salary cap league would be cool.......draft and salary cap would stop people like hokkee from trading away his stars to GM night predators.....but there would have to be a minimum salary cap for that to work....adp would be the salary ...need some math guys to work on this. also starting line cap and one for the bench .....draft would be short and only starting Line......bench draft will start with lowest cap at the top....sober kg is on this ur welcome!
  8. kgman

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    since I don't drink anymore I need to live vicariously thru u Mr khan! ...drunk lottery video or gtfo!
  9. kgman

    Underworld Hockey Club

    not really feeling it ....kinda like the my worst nightmare mutant league meets 3d hockey games lol.....mutant league needs a few tweeks like goalie control but I rather play mutant league alone it would never work 1v1 after some digging I found out mutant league hockey was made for amiga.....hmmm.......6 nights not drinking and this is what I come up with lol ps .....just looked on YouTube game is way better on Sega ......weird cause sensible world of soccer is way better on amiga and shut on Sega
  10. kgman

    NHL 2019 “Way Too Early Edition” ROM

    nice work! Will play once I get outta rehab has problems
  11. kgman

    The need for blood.

    I usually add my own blood physically I think it helps with the authenticity. lol
  12. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    well ya I think they match up well vs Croatia and they had a suspension........ there going home their going England is going home!
  13. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    I think Belgium is now regretting beating England in that meaningless game
  14. I just had another nightmare the tournament had technical difficulties so we had to play an NHL 2000 tournament on Playstation it was horrible! u owe me 49.94$ halifax
  15. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    that England game made me so mad lol I had England to win in normal time .......then end up routing for Colombia to win cause I've been there before .....and they lose.
  16. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    this has got me thinking what is code the refs use to call penaltis in 94.....nhl94 referee is least respected job!
  17. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    I can't believe Senegal lost on fair play rule!.......I wonder who historically takes the fewest penalties?? coach and player
  18. after trump hit the space force there was outside interferencence! Evan came in with the ban hammer! the ghost of Dr pizza hit the 123 can defend
  19. will hokkeefan be there? is he still alive? is he hiding out from bears inquiring minds wanna know...... also I had a weird dream that I was partaking in charity wrestling match with Halifax! that what happens when u run outta greens
  20. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    best soccer game ever cause its my first one! wow just discovered this
  21. kgman

    Making offline solo play challenging

    I wonder if ai is hackable
  22. kgman

    2018 World Cup Pool

    who ever bet Mexico just made a killing 8 to 1
  23. my favorite racing game
  24. kgman

    Calgary 1988 Olympics rom

    team Jamaica coach John candy!
  25. wow pretty cool! I wonder how this would effect 2on 2 ,