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  1. I was thinking about using the NOSE editor, and have it so that the 10 best players and 2 best goalies on each team can make the cut. Then, there will be a fantasy draft once I can get the ratings up. I'm debating on whether doing a 16-team or 26-team Sim League. Both would be 12 rounds (10 F/D, 2 G), but the 16-team league would leave 120 FA (No Salary Cap and each team can claim up to 7 players (1 on a 5 season deal, 2 on a 3 season deal, and 4 on a 1 season deal, players cannot be resigned unless they hit the free agent market, but if another team tries to sign that player, a draw will happen. First come, first serve). I would have to make up the schedule (thinking about doing a 32 G season, 4 games/week). Then comes playoffs, if it's a 16 team league, 12 would make the playoffs. Top 4 get a free pass in the tournament to a later round (TBA). In a 26-team league, 16 will make it in. After that season comes a 7 round draft, where all teams participate in a lottery drawing to decide 1-16 or 1-26. 3 players have star potential, 10 have top 6 potential, 50 have bottom 6 potential, and the rest have minor league potential. However, as I record player and team standings, I would change ratings every week. For all I know that minor league potential or bottom 6 potential player can produce very well, knowing it's video games. I will let you guys know if this idea does in fact happen.
  2. Meanwhile Jagr is still playing. Jeez, this guy is serious about playing untiil 50. Now please give this man a 5 year/5 million dollar contract! But really, why hasn't no one signed him? Please tell me this isn't the end of his career.
  3. This isn't online, but I'm using a 1v1 ROM to have cyber athletes face off each other. RULES: 10 Minute Periods No Penalties Line Changes: Off MINOR ROM CHANGE: If the game goes to OT, it will be 60 minutes long to avoid a tie. Games will start tomorrow, as Lemieux takes on Yake and Yzerman takes on Cassels. I will post the videos in this thread.
  4. Guess I'm not the only one who's done it then. Always considered it a glitch goal for the most part, but that was just me.
  5. Game 3! Did a double upload because I forgot to upload yesterday!
  6. This is game 2! Game 3 video is right below this one!
  7. Blake

    NHL93 File

    I decided to make a few minor changes to the NHL 93 ROM such as uniform colors, ice color (blue to white), and actual NHL team names! This was done using NOSE, so give me thoughts on how I can improve! NHL 93 Tweaks Test.bin NHL 93 Tweaks Test.srm
  8. I can't wait to see this ROM!
  9. So you want me to use the original rosters from NHL 94 instead of the deadline rosters? I'm slow here, what do you mean by "100 or so simulations" and why should I speed them up?
  10. I believe they will release it at opening day or a little after it. Ask Naples39 as he usually is the one doing these ROMs.
  11. What I use is the default Windows 10 recorder.
  12. Even better idea: What I use to showcase ROMs is the Windows 10 recorder (Windows Button + G). It'll record up to 720p and you can use a microphone if you like!
  13. Each day, I am going to post every game of the Stanley Cup Finals rematch. This could take minimum four days, maximum a week. By the way, shoutout to Naples39 for the 1994 deadline ROM so I can use the 1994 Playoff Rosters. I gave credits to him in the description.
  14. 8/11 Well 8 out of 10, I got the bonus question wrong.
  15. Let me see. I don't know if I can add players because there is no NHL 95 Player Creator Web App.
  16. I can do a 95 wallpaper similar to 94, maybe update the logos, any other ideas I can attempt to add?
  17. Let's not forget some players were literally a rating below 5.
  18. Alright, I believe I fixed it. Also, this is for computer screens that are 1366x768, let me know if you need a different size.
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