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  1. UK? Good to have you on board, mate. Manchester in the house over here. And yeah, £10 a drink sounds about right at the moment!
  2. There are some really good guides on the forum that can help with ice logos and menu screen logos (which is what I am struggling with at the moment!). I have attached to this email a guide that I found on another site a while back (authored by someone on this forum, I believe, although his name always escapes me). It might help with the graphics. Good luck! NHL 94 - Editing Guide (Genesis) (V2).pdf
  3. Apologies if there is another thread for this but I just wanted to say a huge thanks to @halifax, @kingraph, @smozoma and @danTML7 for all of your hard work during the two weekends of the Ko94 V tournament. I suspect that I have probably missed some people here (whether visible or working behind the scenes) but you were the ones that, well, entertained me (and annoyed the hell out of my better half as I hogged the TV...) whilst watching a load of people I have never met play an almost 30 year old game on Twitch. What a time to be alive! I get the sense that the whole thing was a logistical nightmare for obvious reasons, so fair play for managing to get everything running (almost entirely) smoothly. Next year, I will throw my hat into the ring, even if it ends up being more of a cameo than anything else. Mercifully, I will get summarily binned during the round robin, so will not have to suffer the indignity of the commentators laughing their asses off at me!!! (Not that you would do such a thing...) Thanks again!
  4. Right, after what feels like a decade, my copy of the "NHL '94 Game Card Set" finally arrived in the UK yesterday. I know that the set has been scanned previously (and features on one of the main website's pages) but here is a further set of the 225 cards, all scanned at 1200 DPI (but averaging around 2.5MB a card, as I have not buggered around with the output size). The cards have been scanned on an "as is" basis and, other than applying some basic filters during the scanning process, I have not edited / Photoshopped the cards to get rid of, for instance, any scratches etc. That said, given that the set is nearly 30 years old, is second hand (and then some) and has survived being processed by our postal service, I think that they look pretty good. All of the files are named and the dimensions are uniform across the set (3070 x 4252). The .zip file is around 880MB, so I have posted it on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lYVkzxMQHyIDx2eF4hTWcxflUwaI_rDO/view?usp=sharing Enjoy! @MonkeyHead - I am not sure if you have a copy of the set (or are remotely interested in it!) but FYI. (If you spot any missing cards etc., let me know and I will rescan these, although everything should be there.)
  5. I am still working on this! I am off work over the Christmas period now and have finally managed to procure a copy of Photoshop, so will hopefully be done over the next couple of weeks. I have been battered at work for ages now (law monkey, 14+ hour days and COVID has had no impact on my sector) and, frankly, the weekends have been for sleeping and hammering the rum! If you have been messing about with player ratings for the EIHL teams, let me know, as I would be grateful for a second opinion on these.
  6. Okay, "mastered" might be the wrong word, rather "try not to be a complete pixelated sieve"! And the injury sounds grim. Hope you manage to get some R&R soon.
  7. @halifax - Apologies for the tardy response. I have only just seen this, having just logged on for the first time in a few weeks. For some reason, I have not been receiving email notifications (but that is an issue with my secondary account rather than this place). I might have missed this somewhere, as I have been all over the place recently, but will this be available for online viewing? I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks the way of the tournament in any case if it helps towards the running of it, especially given how much I get out of the site for free. Next year, I plan to play a lot of online games, as by that point I will have (hopefully) mastered the art of manual goaltending and will (hopefully) not embarrass myself in round one by getting beaten by 30! And yeah, it's about the price of a couple of pints in Manchester at the moment, so I cannot complain. Although, post-Brexit, I will probably have to resort to foraging in the woods for food and drink!
  8. It was an eleventh hour announcement. I pre-ordered the game months ago (like I do every year) and it was a nice bonus. Then again, I live in the UK and the game is pretty hard to get a month or so after it has been released, so I always pre-order for that reason. Plus, there is a suggestion that it will have a wider release in December (keep an eye on EA's social media feeds). Given that the game has been pretty well received, who knows, it might even come with an online option to help everyone get through a COVID Christmas. Fingers crossed!
  9. Even if it is not shared (which I agree with), I'd be curious to know why it is over 250MB in size! That is some serious padding right there...
  10. That's awesome. I thought I was imagining it for a moment. That's a nice (if long overdue) touch. An update was also deployed today (PS4) but God knows what it changed, probably a minor tweak.
  11. Also, the skin colouring seems to have been updated in the game, so it actually features black players, which is a pretty neat touch. EDIT: It's just for the face-offs by the look of things, but still.
  12. Spot the glitch... This was enough to crash a Stanley Cup game (or, at least, prevent it from continuing as the player never made it to the box!). And... There are not many trophies available in the game (and they are not that difficuly, in fairness), but I am a bit proud of ploughing through these so quickly, given that I am (by comparison to most of you) terrible at the game!
  13. Ta!* I cannot help myself. I'm a slave to my Mega Drive Mini (Retroarch) selection screen! I know that they're easy enough to do but give me a shout if you want any more doing. It's the least that I can do, given they take 10 minutes against your X hours for the ROMs. *"Thanks" in NW England (Manchester).
  14. Great work as always, @Jkline3. If anyone is interested, here is a cover that I have made for the ROM. I know that Kaprizov is now a Wild player, but I liked the shot and I figured that he would be a good fit, seeing as CSKA Moscow won the Kontinental Cup last season and there was no Gagarin Cup for obvious reasons (my NHL covers generally feature the Stanley Cup winners from the previous year). That said, if anyone has a better suggestion for a photo and has a high resolution version of it, let me know and I will redo it.
  15. Nope. This is the one plus of the fact that the rosters reflect the end of last season and do not factor in the draft and free agency etc. Otherwise, many would (rightly) be petitioning EA to add a beheading mode in the December update. In any case, I suspect that EA would have had him stealth removed.
  16. Not yet, but I've only played a few games. I'll try and replicate it in a bit. Given that EA has suggested this evening (UK) that the game may be more widely available in December (with someone from here suggesting that is when an online mode should be added!), it it might be worth us logging any crashes etc. in the hope that EA (or Arsenal / Empty Clip) pick them up in future updates, given that they are clearly scouring the board for ideas!
  17. Annoyingly, I have a day of work ahead of me before I can get sink my teeth into the game properly (it's 8am here), but my first thoughts are "Good job, buds, but isn't it a little quick?" That said, it might just be me. And the fact that I was half-asleep when I booted up my PS4 to download the game before breakfast. Anyway, I thought a few of you might like to see this... The developers give special thanks to the "NHL94.com community" and @smozoma (for the weight bug fix?) in particular, along with a few others (feel free to tag them if they are on the forum):
  18. For this here Leafs fan, regrettably so!
  19. And this is along the lines of the ones I have done in my mega-thread elsewhere:
  20. This is the best picture I could find (at this time of night!), so hopefully it does the job. The problem with the rink pictures seems to be that very few are taken with a wide angle lens, so there is not much "dead space" at the side of the actually rink to stop it fading into white, if that makes sense. If you happen to find a high resolution one, post it by all means and I'll have another stab at it.
  21. There's not a cat's chance in hell of me entering this, as I would get my ass handed to me(!), but I'd be keen to watch any live streams if it ends up being on Twitch.
  22. A lose .BIN file would be sweet. If anyone is daft enough to include it, it will be EA!
  23. Awesome work as always, @Sauce. I have just knocked this together in a few minutes, just in case anyone wants it for RetroArch. It will need resizing depending on what system you use.
  24. It sounds like I might be in the minority here (so please don't bite my head off!) but I am not too angry about the fact that it seems to be a straight port. I would have bought (and did buy) NHL '21 anyway and pre-ordered it well before Rewind was announced, so I just saw this as a welcome bonus, especially given that it actually includes proper rosters (albeit crystallised a little too early for my liking) and the organ music, unlike the stripped-down version that featured on the PS2 version of NHL '06 (with its made-up rosters!). I made the mistake of booting up my PS2 yesterday to play it and is is dreadful. Due to the target audidence for Remind being (unfortunately) so small, I can understand why EA did not look to make some more extensive changes, such as adding a "play a season" option, but I agree that it does grate that there is no online play option, especially given what the world is looking like at the moment and the fact that EA damn well knows about the existence of NHL94online.com. It would have been a nice gesture of goodwill, if nothing else, for a generation of NHLers that have (mostly) stuck with the franchise during its ups and downs. Then again, it is a freebie of sorts (I doubt EA will have spent that much on the porting exercise) and bear in mind that pre-orders for EA games normally involve, well, a few HUT cards and maybe some coins. I would, however, be annoyed if EA were charging, say, £15 for the game separately. Then, I would expect some bells and whistles to be included, like (pretty please) a fighting option, to better mirror the original pre-release version of the game (even if it just uses the mechanism from NHLPA Hockey '93, assuming that Lesser's original code is nowhere to be found). What I am hoping for is that Rewind gets the nostalgia flowing and some positive press, following which people who did not pre-order the game start asking for it as a paid option. That might prompt EA to commission its sub-contractor (whoever it is, I have not been able to find their details) to add the extra features if they have already been working on the code, with the pre-order version being updated in due course to mirror the "paid" version. Or EA could just never speak about it again (until the 30th anniversary in a couple of years...) and we will just have to make do with the awesome work done on these here forums. For me, the ROMs here are the "go to" games and Rewind is a nice novelty when I cannot be bothered to move from my couch to manually turn on my Mega Drive Mini and then constantly bollock the cats when they try and chew through the controller wire!
  25. I've just watched (and enjoyed) it. The Jágr segment was actually pretty gut-wrenching! And seeing that 1st edition copy gathering dust in Lesser's basement, geez... It was certainly the shot of positivity that I needed before watching Belgium inevitably give England a kicking in an absolutely pointless international (football) tournament that is going on over here at the moment.
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