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  1. Oh cool, thanks! It says I don't have permission to view that thread though
  2. *noob alert* so how does the actual connection work, is someone hosting via dc? if so don't you need to set up port forwarding and all that?
  3. I could never forget you. even if i tried.
  5. I've been dying to throw the zombie nation tune into 94 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeMDp8yUucc...e=youtube_gdata
  6. another fun thing to try doing is winning the cup with Chicago, no line changes, and a pulled goalie. I lost in the finals lol
  7. This is actually different than that, only 2 skaters are on the ice per team. Still, it's a ton of fun, dare I say more so than the original, if anyone would get the hell on and play anymore. SCD is a server we used to use, but it went down. It's back up (soniccagedome.com:27888), but no one is ever on.
  8. anone want to play? @ the crazy US speeds, of course
  9. I've played my fair share. GL team let me know if you need a fill in
  10. Yes, please. Trade me around like a two Canadian dollar whore, you all have my consent. But only three of you will have my axe.
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