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  1. If I wasn't sick I'd probably take you up on the offer. The only Pens - Flyers game I went to at the Wachovia Center, the dude in front of me was wearing a Crosby jersey and was very animated when the Penguins scored. This was my first experience with Philadelphia sports fans... as the treatment they gave that guy was probably one step below how Jack Bauer would treat Osama Bin Laden. Lucky for that guy, the Penguins won like 8-1 or something crazy like that, and most of the Flyers fans were gone in the 3rd period. At one point the fans even resorted to quacking like the Mighty Ducks!
  2. it seems to me that a lot of those saying that the refs are horrible now have actually only been alive to see sports during this decade
  3. I think this post is a good example of the shortsightedness of today's media and those that follow sports. With 24 hours sports news and dozens of cameras at every professional sporting event, referees are just under a larger microscope than before. I am wondering if people can conjure up some memories of bad calls prior to the modern era to off-set this argument? Though not a specific example, I can remember watching the Steelers in the mid 90s where it seemed pass-interference calls were the cheapest way for offenses to advance the ball late in the game. I do remember "the coin-toss" Thanksgiving 1999 when the Lions and Steelers went to overtime, Jerome Bettis called tails and the referee misheard him and put his call in as heads. Lions get ball, win game. Classic. Just found this website: http://espn.go.com/page2/s/list/worstcalls/010730.html
  4. Team: Boston Bruins First Line G - John Vanbiesbrk LD - Gord Murphy RD - Alexei Gusarov LW - Russ Courtnall C - Kirk Muller RW - cliff Ronning X - Brian Bradley Second Line G - Frank Pietrngelo LD - Sylvain Cote RD - Paul Cavallini LW - Joe Juneau C - Brian Bradley RW - Terry Yake X - Russ Courtnall
  5. Take a pancake, and give it specialized little units to hold butter and syrup. Advantage - waffles.
  6. Can I get more info like... what price you are aiming for? How many people before the vendor will reach a deal? How shipping to multiple locations work? Sorry for all the hassling questions.. I just like knowing the logistics in case I want to step in on this t-shirt glory.
  7. don't mechanics get paid to fix cars? How much are you offering for someone to fix your creases?
  8. I have been won over by this argument. I hope Nedd starts on a line with Richards too.
  9. Alas, you are right. But Scuderi's value is in the playoffs, not in the regular season when he isn't as willing to block 10 shots a game. So if the Kings think they found a savior... they might be a bit disappointed.
  10. You'd be +9 if you were on a Stanley Cup winning team. Chump. Anyone worth their weight in nickels knows Hal Gill is a 175 pound D man playing in a 225 pound D man body.... something you wouldn't find out by scouting his hockey card
  11. Fact: Ray Emery and his criminal record are a perfect fit for the town of Philadelphia Fact: The loss of Hal Gill to any defensive core is addition by subtraction Fact: The Penguins got one year better... AND added a whole roster full of Stanley Cup winners. Boston, Washington, Philadelphia.... they cannot say the same. Any questions?
  12. Retarded enough to buy it??? It's a great invention. If I had a nickel for every time I was on the couch reading an my blanket or fleece fell off...
  13. if he replays the entire schedule, it keeps parity in the schedule. It wouldn't be fair if Carse quit halfway through... and gets replaced by someone not as good at the game... but I've already played Carse.
  14. what is nationals1 AIM name? i don't know if i have him on my list
  15. So you are disagreeing with the list being 50 players in length? I personally think that #1 isn't high enough for Malkin. But otherwise, I find no value in these lists as hockey is not a 1 on 1 game, therefore making it very difficult and highly subjective to accurately rank the talent of players. But really... what I'm trying to say is that the entire Pittsburgh Penguin roster should be ranked ahead of the entire Philadelphia Flyers roster. Ok that's all.
  16. at what point did Adam Graves slash Lemieux's wrists in this game?
  17. I guess it's a good thing Koivu wasn't a Canadian citizen when he had cancer, because he would never have been treated..... Anyways in terms of great players during the 90s and 2000s... Koivu's name was kind of talked about.. but he never ranked up with Forsberg or Sakic or anyone that was actually great. Sure he had a good career... but not great. And I think that when the media stacks up the careers of pros, they always look for a Stanley Cup or Super Bowl Ring or etc... but that is such a terrible argument given they play team sports. Michael Jordan couldn't win any NBA Championships without Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Dennis Rodman, Horrace Grant, etc. From my perspective, it is just something more for the media to talk about, and it has trickled down to the common sports fan.
  18. I understand how to make a monkey do tricks. By the way, do people in Montreal have Canadian pride?
  19. I'm not sure archeologists could understand your last sentence.
  20. update - my car broke down, and I will not be getting back to my home computer until the end of the week. I will forfeit this game in interest of getting the playoffs started.
  21. I will be around only today and tomorrow morning. If we can't get it in then, I will forfeit so playoffs can begin. I will also offer Freydey grammatical lessons at half my usual price.
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