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  1. Everyone asks, no one seems to actually try Give it a shot. RetroArch Plus for android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.retroarch.aarch64&hl=en_CA&gl=US&pli=1 Or do what this guy says, he even installs snes9x which is what we use for SNES (you'll have to adapt to get Gens Plus GX).
  2. I would follow our instructions as much as you can, but find the Android RetroArch installation https://nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php The key is going to be if the same "cores" exist and are compatible, which are genesis_plus_gx_libretro or snes9x_libretro, depending on which system you want to play. I can't guarantee it'll work, but until someone tries it, we won't know.
  3. What kind of tablet? Try installing RetroArch on it and seeing if the netplay option works
  4. Is this AI? Thanks chatGPT... If not.. welcome!
  5. After tracking down the smozROM code (above), I think the problem was that I didn't change how the ratings are processed, I just changed the multipliers. The regular system uses a lot of 2s and 3s (which are encoded as 04 and 06), but I had to reduce it to mostly 1s (encoded as 02) to get the rating down to the 25-99 range. So a lot of the nuance is gone because most things need to be rated x1.
  6. Here is the smozROM bits for the 0-15 ratings. Look at the areas pointed to by the 0x###### addreses. Or look for those hex strings that were inserted. # 0-15 player ratings scale if "0-15 player ratings scale" in hacksFound: overwriteHex("3F03E543D65F", ROM, 0x0F711C) overwriteHex("2F0E 4278 D6CE 4278 D6D0 2C7C 000F AB3C B8B9 0001 9420 6600 0008 2C7C 000F AB1C B8B9 0001 9582 6600 0008 2C7C 000F AB2C 206A 001E 49EA 01A2 4281 3200 E941 D9C1 D9FC 0000 0010 D0D0 D0D0 5048 51C8 FFFA 4240 4241 740F 4844 0504 6700 0092 3602 E24B 4443 1630 30FF 0802 0000 6700 0004 E84B 0243 000F B47C 000D 6600 0006 6000 0068 B47C 0006 6700 0060 48E7 0700 1A36 2000 4885 BA7C 0002 6700 0010 3F03 5545 D657 51CD FFFC E243 4A5F 4CDF 00E0 BDFC 000F AB3C 6700 001C 4442 3F07 1E34 20FF 4887 DF78 D6CE 5278 D6D0 3E1F 4442 6000 0018 3F03 E943 D657 D65F 4442 D634 20FF 6A00 0004 4203 4442 D043 0641 0064 51CA FF68 BDFC 000F AB3C 6700 001C 323C 0064 48E7 0300 3C38 D6CE 48C6 3E38 D6D0 8DC7 D046 4CDF 00C0 B041 6D00 0006 3200 5340 2C5F 4E75", ROM, 0x0FA9F8) hackcode = "B068001A670000083168001A001C4E75" where = findHex(hackcode, ROM) if where > -1: overwriteHex("ff" * len(bytearray.fromhex(hackcode)), ROM, where) # New overall rating formulas for 0-15 ratings if "New overall rating formulas for 0-15 ratings" in hacksFound: overwriteHex("0202 0202 0406 0204 0204 0606 0402 0202 0202 0202 0202 0202 0909 0202 0902 0202 0202 0202 0202 0202 0202 0202 0202 0202", ROM, 0x0FAB1C) overwriteHex("1FBA", ROM, 0x019420) overwriteHex("130F", ROM, 0x019582)
  7. Hmm.. I might have calibrated to the existing players. If you approximate some good players (outside of Roenick, Mogs, Lemieux, who should be 99), how do the ratings compare? Especially try some "overrated" (Gretz?) and "underrated" (Klima?) players from the original game's rating scheme. Also note that B is higher than 4 in the original scheme. So a player who is all Bs is better than Muller (or is equal to a maximally hot Muller, or almost half-way to a player who is all 5s).
  8. Ahh I'll have to look it up. I think for the 0-6 rating, to accomplish multiplying by 18 they did a left bit shift 4 (effectively multiply by 8), add the original value (x8+x1), then left shift 1 more bit ((x8+x1)x2). So I probably did, left bit shift 4 (x8), subtract original value (x8-x1 = x7). And the location for that can be found in the source of smozROM.
  9. I think this still applies to the 0-15 ratings?
  10. IIRC it's a lookup in the .ini. For each 0-15 value, there is a corresponding string. That's how I got it to show the "(4/6)" etc equivalencies.
  11. Yeah I'm curious about the process... What kind of image adjustments you make before putting them in... Saturation and contrast boosts? Then dither with a predefined palette in photoshop?
  12. The logo tiles with the jersey striping is a nice touch Colour player portraits!!
  13. the reviewer also noticed that his box has a slot for a hanging tab? And it's the box with the EA logo on the inside. Do we need to add a box variant column into the spreadsheet??
  14. Adam Catalyst has been suspended for 41 seconds for violating the league's gambling standards
  15. I think most emulators will play zips, since it was common to zip games back in the day to save hard drive space. As for unzipping.. that should be built into mac, just double click to bring up the archive extractor? Did you get some error?
  16. Register on EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/nhl94-ottawa-tournament-tickets-731688880137 2pm to 8pm. Sega & SNES tournaments (simultaneous -- I wanted to do back-to-back but worried that 3 hours each wouldn't work) Limited to 24 total players, but expecting more like 16. No cost to register BUT the venue has a "stay & play" fee of $8 or $9 (website says 9.. i was quoted 8 a few months ago.. i'm guessing it's 9 now) I'm giving away $100 of my own money. $25 to the winner, $15 to 2nd, $10 to 3rd, on each console. Using the usual rules pretty much. See http://www.kingof94.ca/rules-and-format-ottawa.html Will probably be a Round Robin then single- or double-elimination bracket with "A" and "B" (consolation) tiers.
  17. I think AdamCatalyst has a fix for this bug?
  18. Seeing those coiled cables in the first post.. Here's a tip for the "over under" coiling method to avoid tangled, twisted cables
  19. Please post your pictures, memories, comments here!
  20. I don't know. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that it doesn't.
  21. I found a benchmark article today that showed that AMD chips (and Intel, to a lesser degree) have a significant performance bottleneck with single-channel RAM and integrated graphics (i.e. no graphics card). Upgrading to dual-channel RAM gives about a 75% performance increase for AMD, 25% for intel. "single channel RAM" means only 1 stick of RAM. "dual channel RAM" means 2 paired sticks of RAM. The theory here is that a single channel creates a bottleneck for the CPU vs the integrated/onboard GPU when gaming since they must use the same RAM. I also see AMD Ryzen benchmarks showing a 30-50% performance increase even WITH a video card. However also not sure RetroArch is intensive enough for this to make a difference... But if buying a new laptop, especially without a video card, I think it makes sense to make sure to get dual channel RAM since it shouldn't cost much more. How to find out if you have single- or dual-channel RAM (without opening up your computer case). You can probably upgrade for ~$40-$50
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