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  1. What is the filename of the specific rom you are trying to load, and what emulator are you using (Gens, Gens Plus, Kega Fusion)?
  2. I have been using logitech gamepads for a while, but they all have some unique problem. How good are the Xbox360 gamepads for emulation gaming??
  3. There is a app similar to hamachi out there called Tunngle. First of all it lets you play tons of games, especially older games where there is no longer a master server, by joining that game's "network", and it acts as a VPN. However, you can also make your own gaming network and get your own Tunggle IP when you join a private network. This program seems to much more simple than Hamachi, and assuming it works okay, it may be more compatible and easier to configure. Unlike Hamachi, Tunngle is specifically for gaming. Everybody should check it out http://www.tunngle.net/index.php?l=en I only use it to play Star Wars Battlefront since the servers went down, but now I would like to try it for Madden and NHL.
  4. All you need to get is Kega Fusion 3.51, the newer versions have faulty netplay. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/85891182/Sega%20Gen%20Emulators.rar
  5. Does anyone think there will be an emu one day that supports Sega CD netplay? The Sega CD EA sports games have a higher framerate and look so much smoother than the cartridge versions. Would be nice to play these online.
  6. If this had VGA or HDMI video out, then it might be worth it, but otherwise, why not just get an old Sega Genesis off of Ebay.
  7. I think for steady low pings kaillera is best, but for people with fluxuating pings and including wireless routers, Kega Fusion is better, at least for Sega Genesis Madden and Bill Walsh. For NHL, you need much more accuracy for shooting, so Kega Fusion can be frustrating with that little delay, but so can a person with a laggy connection, so its a hard call. I am interested in trying p2p kaillera.
  8. Hey CoachMac, I have sent you a message, you have a nice site too.
  9. I haven't played in any large online leagues for years, but we do small football and nhl (92) leagues from time to time. I was wondering and I know there are probably more than 1 or 2 opinions, what is the best emulator for netplay? And what is the best version of Kaillera? I noticed Kega Fusion 3.51 is good for netplay, very smooth, but it is at a cost of a small delay from controller input, as you cannot get such a fast rus (at the snap) to the QB with your DT, and passing and shooting in NHL has a tiny delay (similar to a slower LCD monitor response time). With Gens/Kaillera standard kaillera you get that strobe-light choppy choppiness which happens when one is lagging and the other is catching up perhaps, (how many people have given up goals like that), and that can make the game difficult, but that usually passes. I have not played with the Kaillera p2p version yet, but I did notice there was a 2007 version in the download pack on the site here. This site has a 2011 version : http://p2p.kaillera.ru/# , I do not know if it is any better, it just seems to lack the regular server option, and only has p2p option. Would like to hear the opinions of everyone.
  10. Madden CFL was re-released last year with some major updates for playability. The biggest updates were reduced tackling, so you can run and break tackles (both versions), and removed "blacked out" teams in CFL Madden92 so you can do playoff mode in that version also. Just added some minor fixes yesterday, so those are available for download now. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/85891182/CFL%20Madden%201C%202013-01-25.rar
  11. The Dreamcast is great to play emulation on, especially since you can hook it up to any LCD that has a VGA input. You should be able to find a disk of Sega Genesis roms + DC-Genesis emulator on a torrent site. NHL94 is on this disk I believe. However, to add your own files would take a bit more research, as a new disk has to be created to be bootable. I will attach a webpage instructions for burning dreamcast images with free DiscJuggler, as any dreamcast images have to be burnt in a certain fashion. Good luck. DreamcastCDI.rar
  12. In NHL Hockey (NHL'92), I had a 3 overtime period game in the playoffs with Hartford. I beat the Minnesota North Stars in our 2004 playoffs 3 games to 2, in best of 5 in division semifinals. One of the best playoff series ever. However, Hartford was crushed by Boston in the division finals, haha. Nothing more intense that NHL playoff-overtime hockey, on television or Sega Genesis!
  13. Anyone who has less than a good connection, should definitely be trying a wired connection as opposed to wireless. If you don't mind losing a few frames per second in a first-person-shooter game, and getting killed, that is okay, but when playing in a league, you want to do well, and want all of your opponents to have same advantage of playing well, as this is good for the health of the league. I would highly recommend anyone playing in a league use a wired connection, as it can make a world of difference. What I have noticed is that you can get away with some lag in NHL Hockey aka NHL'92, without it having a huge effect on the game, but NHL'94 is much more finicky of a game, and a small bit of lag makes a big difference. In our Madden/NHL/Bill Walsh leagues, some people have had painful wireless connections, but when switching to hard wired connection, goes to nearly perfect. And if you are a decent player, getting a few more FPS in your game via a wired connection, will make you even better.
  14. Thank you Halifax, Here is the download link for CFL Madden http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KY7SHN9M *Just a note, you need Gens Plus or Kega Fusion to play Madden91 roms, as it does not work correctly with regular gens (problems at setup screen). The Madden91 version has 15 teams from the 1995 era, plus 2; Montreal'82, and the Miami Manatees expansion team, which was to play in 1996, but didn't happen as the American expansion collapsed. I also added an option just now for 2 minute quarters, to make it easier if you wish to play in the playoff tournament setting. *Just a note, you need Gens Plus or Kega Fusion to play Madden91 roms, as it does not work correctly with regular Gens (problems at setup screen). Here is a link for Gens Plus: http://segaretro.org/Gens_Plus!?rdfrom=http%3A%2F%2Finfo.sonicretro.org%2Findex.php%3Ftitle%3DGens_Plus!%26redirect%3Dno
  15. I have a classic Madden version of CFL, and a Madden92 version of CFL I edited years ago that you can download from Classic Genesis Sports. I am currently porting it to the Bill Walsh College Football engine. These are from the 1994/1995 era, when there were teams in the United States. This was perfect to fill out the rom some more. This was the middle of the Doug Flutie era of the CFL, and every CFL fan knows what magic Flutie could work! We have had 2 leagues in CFL, and possibly a third CFL season this year. I am going to update the download links in the Classic Genesis Forums now for CFL, as I am sure the links in my forums are dead by now. I will also post them here as well when I have updated it. Jeff Classic Genesis Sports http://www.homeiswhere.phpzilla.net/index.htm
  16. We used Kega for our last two leagues, (Madden 2007 and Bill Walsh) in 2008 and 2009, and it works without the choppiness that you get in a Kaillera game sometimes when someone has slight lag. However, there is a delay of milliseconds in Kega Fusion. We tried Kega Fusion 3.64 in the last league, and it had horrible desync issues, however, falling back to version 3.61, we had no problems after that. If you have an opponent with a not so good connection, then Kega is the way to go. However if two people have very low pings, then perhaps gens/kaillera would work better in those cases, as it has quicker reaction to game controller input.
  17. The NHL(92) league never dies, it just goes into hibernation. If you are interested, stop by the forums (http://gensports.proboards.com/index.cgi) and leave a message. Hopefully I will be doing more with the leagues soon. Jeff
  18. Hey guys, I lurk around here once in a while, and read some messages a while back about wide screen nhl94. The first and simple solution to this is to simply edit the player sprites to make then "skinny" so when the screen is stretched to 16:9, the players appear in their normal body size. A more complex solution would involve editing the goalie and goal width, if that is indeed possible, and then other objects including the rink if possible.
  19. Hey Evan, I still do an occaisonal league, but I am limited in what I can do. My last league was a Sega Gen Madden 2007 league late last year. I am planning on doing a Madden NCAA 2010 Sega Gen league when I am able finish the rom. I just have to go at a much slower pace these days Jeff
  20. If you do an updated NHL'92 rom, I would love to host a league with it. We have had many seasons on the trusty old NHL'92 rom, and I have thought of doing a WHA hack of 92 as well.
  21. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hello. I haven't posted here in forever. Life has slowed down for me very much the last two years, but I am still around, here and there, trying to stay busy. I haven't played in an NHL'94 league in ages, but who knows, maybe I will join one Jeff
  22. If you want the "rosters", then get a copy of "NHL" hockey from 1991, and you can match the teams to the EA Hockey teams. EA Hockey has the same teams as NHL Hockey. The difference is in EA Hockey, they changed the uniforms and gave the teams international names. EA Hockey is NHL Hockey.
  23. deadmeow

    95 online

    I like playing NHL'95 online (Genesis), but it desyncs. If you want to try SNES NHL95 sometime, any of you can message me at deadmeow1334 on AIM or yahoo.
  24. I have done the same thing too (game genie "master codes") also when hacking Madden roms. If you don't want to convert the Game Genie text to hex in your head, there is a Game Genie Code converter out there. Those codes come in handy.
  25. I am usually on late, I am deadmeow1334 on AIM.
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