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  1. I've tried to request my games w/ Freydey, Carse, Houly & jer33 numerous times. I'm surprised the 98% of the time a guy doesn't even respond within a few days to state a time he would be available to play. Houly I don't get a message to that he ignore as the others do because his AIM doesn't let me, and I've never caught him on in ages to ask. Regardless of someone's standing in a league, I'm "on the schedule" and trying to get my games played, you'd think you'd at least try to schedule the time you'd want to play me. And, I'm not exactly top seed, so wins come easier on me than others. It would seem to me that either the league is on hold for these guys or they aren't interested in playing it.
  2. This team is night & day in SNES to GENS due to the weight bug issues. Eklund, Dineen & Hynes become must plays 95% of the time, with an occasional substitution of Lindros against certain teams or opponents. I took over for them in B2 Classic, and it took me about a week to get used to them. Their spacing & movement is quite different than most teams, so once I got the hang of them, I noticed I gave some really strong players hard times or even losses with their "better" teams. Given the slow goalie & bad defense in either format, you could see how it would take understanding of their "talents" to be effective with them, but because of their solid puck control & skating from their forwards with some hard/accurate shooters, I can now see how the right guy can do solid damage. IF I ever get around to playing some SNES games, I definitely have to take up giving them a try.
  3. Everyone already knows Plabax means beatoff. No need for the overkill.
  4. If I admit my arse is sore from dickon, would you finally agree to phuck off? God, what a BEATOFF.
  5. Dude, I know you aren't going to stop just like in the AIM. You are deleting the parts where you really, really would make anyone want to just beat the phuck out of you. If you can't review all that spamming, and not see how big of a beatoff you are, you will probably just go through life as the beatoff you are. I can't help you there. But as I stated, and I'm sure everyone else probably agrees, NO ONE cares. Stop posting about it. Just phuck off. It's not that hard. You quit on a game we were playing, you quit on a league. It's in your style. Now just quit bother this thread with your spam.
  6. And seriously, I doubt anyone else gives a phuck to hear you & me argue. I mean, I don't even give a PHUCk. BEAT OFF.
  7. I knew this was coming....the edited version by Peubex. Gotta figure a 15 yr old would try to copy & paste an AIM conversation to try to put on some forum to make himself not like the babbling baby he is. You are missing the 100 spams in between & all his stupid comments, and the 1000 NOW NOW NOW NOW comments you kept sending. You kept demanding this, demanding that, etc. You are missing how many times I told you to phuck off, go away, and you kept saying no. I told you to go away like 20 times. You are missing all the conversations I told you I don't like you, don't want to talk to you, that you are a stupid little BEATOFF!!! How many times can you call someone a BEATOFF before they get the picture??? And you kept pressing me about money after I said I would be fine to pay someone to work for me rather than spend the time to do it myself. That's when I told you what I made. It's only relevant because for me, time is worth more than some amount of money I might spend on hiring someone to do something for me. You didn't seem to grasp that concept. Seemed offended I wouldn't do it myself. ALL THIS DONE with REPEATED REPEATED attempts to you to PHUCK OFF & SPAM someone else. So, why are you even posting this?? Oh yeah, you are a gay, 15 yr old BEATOFF who ran out of zits to pop.
  8. Peubex comes on my AIM, starts spamming the hell out of me because I've apparently embarrassed him on his forums, and then starts saying I don't have heart. Then he won't phuck off per my request. Then he starts trying to say I need his help, so I tell him I don't want to talk to him. He laughs at me for stating I'll pay for websites, like I'm some loser. I explain to him I probably make more a year than he will in 10 years given his maturity & beatoff ways, and he goes all goofy stating I said I make more websites than him. I've asked him to phuck off, go away, beatoff on someone else, and he insists on continuing, so I block him. He begs me not to, cause he wants to "help". Who the phuck wants his help??? This kid is a beatoff.
  9. Can't put Aunt Seth in the '93, because he might go Nancy Begley on us. All that confidence feeling the full weight of the Brutus '93 machine could be enough to turn him soft. Don't know if I could handle another man going byatch on me mid series. That said, I think if Dickon goes dickoff through out the post-season with Buffalo, but is willing to take Hartford next season, why not let him in B? However, if he set the scoring record in A, popped 4 zits between periods, and then thought, hey, I'd like to demote myself to B, I'd have issues with that.
  10. King Roofer, you can hardly argue w/ Aunt Seth here. How do you NOT see MORE value in the Seth Lord's evil empire plans than 500-1 odds on the Peadbody Rangers?? OoOhhhh, playoff hockey. I can hardly wait!!!
  11. I didn't play Pearate w/ the Rangers, as I had already played my games. Based it off games played, scores, and all that kind of stuff. Played him in dynasty, where I don't consider myself elite, and we were similar, so I didn't feel the Rangers would be a threat to Buffalo or Detroit w/ the current coaches in play. Based on Plabax's tantrum about dcicon's level, I don't think my 3-2 odds on him are off, which means the Rangers would have long odds.
  12. I'd be interested in a B1 vs B2 championship title series after it's all said and done. That'd be fun.
  13. The weirdest part is verbalizing the draft idea. GDL has long record of draft positions for all the players based on classic rankings,and these rankings could be tweaked if needed for average draft position. If you were to go back into a draft, and insert your team in any chosen draft position with no trades allowed, what kind of team would you want to assemble using reverse order draft. So, you could play with it to use #1 pick Round 1, #24 pick Round 2, etc, or start from the 8th slot, or anything of the sorts. Obviously, you are going to have multiple teams with the some of the same players, but odds are, you won't have any duplicate teams, given all the combo options and different styles.
  14. The goal would be say 20 guys, but if 5 dropped off for a few periods, and 10 joined in Round 2, that puts you at 30 with 25 playing that Round. Over the course of time, I think committing to short periods where you can go in & out based on your availability without a A, B1 & B2 could push the numbers up of considered active for total standings, with only have a real number closer to 20 ROM users on average. I think that's realistic based on comments from guys.
  15. Lesser team like the Blues??!?!?!? Whoa, those are fighting words brother-in-B1-arms! Obviously, my s**t play with them against you must have given that impression, however, maybe if I can leap up & get me some of playoff magic going, I might be able to change that perception Now Hartford...that's a s**t team worthy of your self staggering, which is actually why I signed up w/ the Blues in all reality, because I knew I wouldn't get into A, and all the new to the game signup names were going into B. Of course, 60% of them got replaced, and I'm Jo-Blue & Philly in my 2 playoff runs...AWESOME
  16. Just think if you wanted to, you've had plenty of time to troll the guy about playing in B1. To wait till it's on our fun, odds of winning page is trollific. We've all heard the douche comments about dcicon & appreciate the highlight of it. However, after playing a whole season w/ the guy, and with the playoffs about to start, I think he's our guy for now, and we'd appreciate our little thread back, so I'll stand on my phuck off comment.
  17. For league, the running idea I get in my mind would be a weekly, bi-weekly or tri-weekly availability to a new updated ROM (unsure on how often to set this time frame at). Since each guy can change his drafted team during those periods based on the draft ranking setup, you also have to make yourself available to play or not play for that period, and commit to X number of games or being permanently dropped IF YOU RE-UP. Obviously, you have s**t to do that week, so you sit one out. So, the standings might have 50-100 guys with records, but each period can only have as many teams as fit on a ROM, with their new set rosters. Obviously, you have to re-up each period, with rankings based on games played to be dropped for the next upcoming series. Failure to play enough games gets you dropped, and schedules re-populate each period. Extra work for guys running the league, but I think it makes the league worth playing. All kind of options come in to play, like elite players jumping in for a period, leaving for 2, returning, etc, and in the end, a large tourney based on your overall rankings, with stats & awards based on overall stats. Still playing with the idea of weighted wins & some of the other plans, but I think if you have guys coming & going from the ROM, the weighted win might not work. Definitely like the original formula of drafting your team based on a pre-set ranking, a draft creator being design in site, and the ability of a league to continue to play large number of games on a weekly basis without some MIA owners holding a league hostage.
  18. Been working on this in my mind for both ideas (LEAGUE & TOURNEY). I'll focus on tourney first, because demand is greater and the NOW is there. Best part of tourney is you can use any rom, including 2v2's. I'm thinking of seeing through my nerds what cost to setup a tourney site would be. Ideally, you want a create tourney option with limited open quantity available to anyone with admin delete rights. Too many tourneys running would diminish the value of open tourneys & titles for winning them. Then, teams can be populated in & claimed by individual owners similar to a login style link where you upload a game, except you claim that tourney slot. Creator of the tourney sets a forfeit for no-show options for those MIA players, with over-ride options to have Admin/creator pick who goes through on forfeit, if any. Combined stats w/ the possibility of importing stats from other leagues/sites for any league sites is something we should all hope for, but to start, I'd be looking to keep stats for all stats available and make them as sortable as you like. And lastly, a weekly or bi-weekly official tourney that requires sign-up and ranking(s) to determine slots & teams, and that would be under the title section of the home page type thing.
  19. Do you have knowledge of him personally demoting himself to B, or requesting to play in the B league??? If not, phuck off & go back to your own odds page. We are fine w/ Mr. Dickon, and enjoyed his 38 out of 40 GP performance. In leagues w/ tons of replacing going on, and all that, it's good to have A- talent in a B league. Besides, gotta pull up the average of the overall talent in B, as I'm C-, so it evens out. You are the one trolling here. Dickon clearly only asked for us in B1 to have our own fun page with a write-up, odds, etc, so your comments make no rhyme or reason. What a beat off. You had all pre-season to byatch & get him into your league if it was so important. It's not like the rest of us our so deserving of a dickless playoffs that we are crying the blues here.
  20. B1 Odds: Dick-on/Dick-off -> Heavy favorite based on experience, pedigree, talent of team and 91 goals allowed all season. Just doesn't give it up very much, and Mogilny is pretty hard to shut down for any opponent for 3 periods. No prom auto-scoring on this date. Be prepared for the potential to be just shut down by this kung-fu style master. 3-2 odds to take it all. Aunt Seth-> Known more for his cockiness than anything of late, his record & margin of victories (5.81 Goals to 2.64 Goals Allowed) separate him clearly from anyone else in B1 minus dcicon, whose numbers are better in both categories. That said, anyone with Detroit is automatcially in the running, much less someone with strong one-timer skills and high acumen for all teams/strategies, regardless if the fan base is rooting for or against on this. 4-1 odds because of dcicon's high rating to win & best of 7, harder for upsets than a 3 or 5 set. Pro-bob&neal -> Stingy defense and Gilmour's dominance lead for long nights trying to do what you want to do against this guy. Knows where to slap from, and always a threat to score even with a low shooting percentage of 28% on Gilmour. Lack of elite offense & overall team strength of Toronto should prevent him from getting by the BIG 2 above, imo. 8-1 odds Jack-me-jose-off -> Jeckyll & Hyde coming at you here. J&J has been known to go on disappear or blow your doors down runs. Wins against Buffalo, Detroit & Toronto and 28 overall wins puts him in the conversation, but you have to question that 10-0 beat down in Winnipeg against Buffalo if you are going to put your money on this guy!!! Clear shot at getting into late rounds & possible winner depending on whether the jeck or the hyde comes out to play! 10-1 odds JayLightweight -> Jay brings his 3.04 Goals scored & 3.07 goals allowed to the show w/ Mr. Roy hoping to stand on his head for some heroics. Some quality losses if there can be such a thing in the pursuit of Cups, but none the less, not an opponent to just close your eyes with and say no shot. 500-1 odds Peabody -> Took over the rangers & based on my quick count of assumed takeover date, I had him at 15-10. Veteran player w/ some experince in his belt, should have a shot at making a round or two out of his adventure in NY, but Rangers talent should limit final outcome. 500-1 odds Brutthole -> The Blues have taken their hard checking Emerson to a league leading checks over 400, and Bassen in the high 300's before those stats got deleted from the page. Forget wins & losses, these guys are coming to hit! However, lack of scoring from anyone but Wild Wild B-Hull leaves the Blues vulnerable to the elite defenses that Toronto, Detroit & Buffalo display. Top it off with a Round 1 match against The Seth Lord, and we find Brutus singing the Blues early this playoffs. 10,000-1 odds. Anybody not listed, did not have a winning record, so that doesn't bode well for a best of 7 series. Good luck boys. Let's hope we get these playoffs in before the FALL!
  21. Given you are the favorite by most, probably not as fun to write yourself up! I can write one up some time today since I'm low ranking on the B1 standings.
  22. It's a running joke I have at Begley's expense since she quit during the middle of a finals game in the '93 league that Mac started, logged out & never responded to anyone in the league since about quitting. It's one thing to lamo rage & quit, it's another to not even formally quit. Leagues been put on hold in the mean time trying to figure out if finals were going to be played, if she needed to be replaced, if new draft run, etc. Figure if that's her mode of operation, she might show up for the beat down you are going to give her. Begley is a nancy, right? I still got $4k she doesn't show. Maybe she's sweet on the young ones Plabs, and you have a real shot!!!
  23. Give me $4000 Begley doesn't even show.
  24. Forget the filters....I NEED my delete game options! Got a few real stinkers on my resume I could use a brushing under the carpet.
  25. I wish I wasn't at work. All this talk about playoff hockey has me hungry to play some NHL '94. Brings me back to the "I'd miss work to play our games." line. DEEP commitment.