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  1. Why? hey bud... FF sux. play me this week or the next week-end.
  2. I'm sorry 2 ! Robbie is a cool guy and i like his team! sorry bud.
  3. Nothing personal against you amigo. i'm sorry for being an ass**** cuz i can't control myself with this kind of topic.
  4. TomKabs93 thanks for being the guy to bite the bullet and say something to robbie haha him and his gay 12 paragraph write ups about how 'his team can beat any team on a good day' I think TK is right!
  5. yeah! sry robbie...im just ironic AND RAPH IS TOO SERIOUS! hehehehe
  6. I do not want to be the b***h,but the B level sux... who fn cares??? seriously?
  7. Ny Isles 1st LW Doug Gilmour C Pavel Bure #96 RW Stephan Lebeau LD Eric Weinrich RD Luke Richardson Extra man Nelson Emerson G Kelly Hrudey 2nd LW Shayne Corson C Nelson Emerson RW Andrei Kovalenko LD Alexei Gusarov #3 RD Rod Langway Extra man Pavel Bure G Glenn Healy GGs
  8. bud, this is nhl94.com WHY SO SERIOUS? this is your life?
  9. Houly 1 Kupuck 0 I like to play under your skin...the fact is you tried to be in the next round by FF but u failed and u mad cuz of my dynasty sweep ...sry bro! better luck next time! Advice : Im the best snes player ever...whoever is the classic champ! This is enough to be banned?
  10. The next time guys, why not making a 5 or 10 gms season for the slackers of nhl94.com ?
  11. houly vs kupuck houly 5-3 houly 8-1 houly 4-3 houly 6-5ot ggs