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  1. Yeah, but in this instance bourque was on the bench... Strange
  2. 8/10... f**king ronning and mutant league hockey trololololol
  3. If any of you guys can post some availability then we can schedule some games before monday.
  4. lol finally got PITT off the chopping block
  5. 0-4 to start! lol! still, however, having a f**king blast. best sunday ever
  6. Thanks raph, looking forward to getting a seasons worth of games in two weeks
  7. Bump. As a newcomer to GDL, this would be fantastic.
  8. I just want to express my gratitude for this community. I've been using netplay for about a week now, and honestly I've never had more fun. You all f**king rock. Thank god you all still give a s**t about a sega game from 20 years ago. I actually thought I was alone, and also insane. Now I realize that I'm still insane, just not alone, because you all are insane, too, and god bless your little nhl94-playing souls for being that way. sallystormcloud on aim. Hit me the f**k up. Lets skate.
  9. So I'm trying to run windows through boot camp, but I do not have a windows 7 installer disk (or ANY installer disk for that matter.) I know this is a nhl 94 forum and not a tech support forum, but I was wondering if ANYONE out there was able to use a copy of windows that was downlaoded from piratebay or something of the sort. Is there any way to bypass needing the cd?? All in all I really just need some help walking through this process.
  10. Thanks guys, I actually seemed to have gotten gens woking on my mac by using the playonmac method, however, I still need to test it. if anyone is around right now my AIM sn is: sallystormcloud
  11. Hey fellow NHL 94 enthusiasts, I can't believe I found this place. I've been playing 94 for close to two decades now, and I thought I might be the only one.... I am trembling with excitement at the prospect of netplay, however, I'm a mac user and that seems to come with its set of obstacles. I realize that in order to participate in any leagues I will have to either find a PC or use the windows-boot method, but right now I really just want to play online with someone and give it a test. Here are my specs, maybe someone with experience can help me. Macbook pro running OS X 10.8.5 Using Hamachi LogMeIn I have multiple Sega emulators Generator KEGA Wondering if there is a mac snes emulator that supports netplay? Has anyone had success using GENS with a mac? I would prefer to play the genesis version, but I would gladly use snes if thats all I can get using a mac in the netplay dept. Any help or even just a hello would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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