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Found 12 results

  1. Today is the day I'm finally releasing the All-Time Greatest Players ROM for Gens(see here for the SNES version). I still have bells and whistles to add/update but wanted to officially release the ROM as it's 100% playable. I will be updating jerseys, logos, player cards, and other stuff in the upcoming months. I've included both the weight bug and weight bug fix versions. Some notes about the ROM: 28-team ROM replacing Campbell and Wales All-Star teams with Original Six and Expansion All-Time All-Star teams. Set all team advantages to: Offense/Defense/PP/PK/Home/Away as 4/4/1/1/1/1 Used different team/same franchise including DAL/MIN, QUE/COL, HFD/CAR, WPG/PHX Included some fan favorites over others(i.e. Terry O'Reilly, Bob Probert, Wendel Clark) but did my best with including HOFs. It was really tough for the Original Six teams for sure. Some players were great but didn't make the cut due to others with more Cups, All-Star votes, stats leaders, and/or HOF. Some players appear on multiple teams but the attributes are different depending on the team(i.e. Gretzky better on EDM than LA). Players in general would need to have played at least 3+ seasons with the team to be included. Most players have Endurance of 3. If anyone uses this ROM for line changes let me know. I'll need to edit the Endurance for everyone and that will change their Overall score. I didn't want everyone to have inflated Overall due to Endurance. I tried to keep some famous lines together which will reflect if line changes are on. Otherwise I just made the best available line based on overall. Used SmozROM to: Fix the weight bug in one version while retaining it in another version Correct the Three Stars calculation to better reflect the players of the game Have players match the Edit Lines ratings. Players will be hot/cold on each individual attribute(i.e. hot speed/cold agility). Version 1.0 was different where all attributes were either hot or cold resulting in too many players being at or near 100 overall. Future updates: Jerseys Player cards Logos Splash Screen Once again thanking the following: @clockwise - General roster input/PHI roster input/Jersey idea @CoachMac - Attributes template @Bob Kudelski - General roster input/OTT roster input @Sauce - Roster input @kingraph - Roster input/Overall calculation @halifax - Roster input @seamor - TB Roster input/ROM input @smozoma - Roster input/Attributes/ROM Genius/SmozROM/NOSE @Jkline3 - Jersey links @chaos - ROM questions/Website Genius All-Time Greatest Rosters Team Ranking - Sheet1.pdf nhl94ATR_2.0_wgtbugfix.bin nhl94ATR_2.0.bin
  2. This might seem like a weird question/issue. I've done ROM editing for NES/SNES. But this is my first time trying Genesis. I want to edit logos in NHL 94. I'm using Tile Layer Pro. But have also tried using Tile Molester. Everytime I edit some tiles, I press save. But when I try to load up my edited rom in an emulator, it won't play. The emulator just stays at a black screen. I tried then loading the rom in Tile Layer Pro again, and this time I just edited ONE TILE in the pittsburgh pengiuns logo just to try it again. Saved the Rom in Tile Layer Pro. Loaded it in several emulators, but it won't play. Again, it just shows a black screen. Any Ideas? It seems like I must have some sort of setting wrong. (I have tried the auto-fix checksum feature, but that didn't do anything either). Any help out there?
  3. I want to play my games with a larger window, but I don't know how to fix this problem. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone knows any website that can help with these kinds of questions for Genesis emulators, I'd be very grateful. All I could find was either this site or the actual Gens website, which doesn't have a very extensive FAQ section, so...
  4. Hello everybody, Since it is sometimes not that easy for EU players to play NHL94 leagues, I wanted to ask if there are enough EU players who want to revive the EURO94. Very much like SNES but also GENS :-D Maybe we can get enough for a small league together. Just write in at # Euro94 in Disccord or here in the forum. Is just an idea ... Player GENS SNES 1. dmm1000 X 2. Pearate X 3. Kaba78 X X 4. LaTormenta X X 5. Hot_sauce X X 6. Ice COW X 7. JMJ X X 8. 9. 10. ..... League Start :-D
  5. Hey all, just doing the usual stuff working on my Dream League ROM, and I'm making a team of NHL94.com members. I have just about everyone from the leaderboards put into the game but I still need 10-15 more players. If you want to be on the roster, just give me some info and stats for your player and I'll put you in there. Thanks guys! Here are some pics of the N94 team so far. (Don't mind the ice logo, haven't put it in yet.)
  6. It seems like we can basically predict the standings in most leagues. And its been particularly tough for B players to really break through with A players. Though a few guys have been getting better and better constantly (Brutus, Tex) are A for sure. Why is this though? Stronger offense? Stronger Defense? Goalie Control? Or overall vision? I feel like a lot of B players are close. What if A players helped mentor B players, especially guys struggling but playing their games.
  7. I have never played online before, I'm a complete rookie. I've got my emulators and controller ready to play a game. I've looked through the posts and it seems that I may need an AIM account to coordinate with people. If anyone is interested in helping me get started I'd be much obliged. I can do either Gens or Snes if that makes a difference.
  8. 99% credit to Skip for the great work on the original ROM. 1% credit to me for making it 2 on 2. There is probably some screw ups here and there but it's my first time using NOSE. Let me know what I did wrong and I'll (try to) fix it . NHL-94-15(2on2).bin (Note: This is made from nhlpa93easn's graphic update on the ROM.) (Also credit to smozoma for telling me how to '2on2ify' it.)
  9. Hey guys! Here is my NHL2015 ROM that I've been working on. -Rosters/Ratings updates diligently performed myself -Original ROM by Slapshot67 (originally his NHL 2012) - retrieved from http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/13977-slapshot67s-nhl-12/ Details: 30 Teams, 26 players/3 goalies per team Rosters are updated as of 7/24/2015 & includes many 1st round picks from 2012-2014 Phoenix is now Arizona, but remains in Phoenix's in-game position Playoff matchups reflect new alignment Most uniforms updated to reflect actual uniforms Issues: I could not find the offset for the new team overall ratings, so the ratings are left as they were in Slapshot67's NHL2012. I don't do graphics - so we are sticking with everything as is. Arizona banner still Phoenix, no player cards. Sorry! Bottom Line: This ROM is all about the roster updates and speed of the game. Goalies are better, teams are deeper, and it makes the game really fun with friends. Testing: Played some games with a friend, awesome games that are not super high scoring and are always fun. I have not tested this with penalties on, so I am not sure if the number of penalties per game will be affected if you're used to using them on. Updates: I will re-post with updated rosters before the season begins. Attribution: This ROM is only possible due to guys like KingRaph, Smoz, Slapshot67, etc. Thanks to all of you guys for keeping this awesome game alive! I put a lot of time into these rosters, but without NOSE and you pioneers, this is not possible! Enjoy! -Skip P.S. - I tried to attach the rosters in excel but I am not permitted to do so...sorry! Message me for the excel sheet. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!!!!! SEE BELOW FOR UPDATED ROM WITH GRAPHIC UPDATES, COURTESY OF SLAPSHOT67! NHL94.2015.bin
  10. Earlier today I figured out why NHL '94 is better on GENS than SNES: BLAST PROCESSING!!!
  11. Does anyone have an excel file containing a data dump of all the player stats for classic NHL 94 Gens that they could send me? I tried to transfer the bin files over to excel through NOSE but couldn't figure it out. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. hello! i'm back again with another updated rom... NHLPA Hockey '94 is the update for the original NHL '94 onto the NHLPA Hockey '93 rom. The game menu for picking teams has Los Angeles vs Montreal. All uniforms are all up to date (like Hartford's away uniform from green to dark blue) Ottawa and Tampa Bay roster are all updated with new players.All player rosters are exact as per NHL '94 and also www.nhl94.com,and even the all-star teams. The rink is slightly changed as well with a darker touch as the original blue rink. on another note there is no Mighty Ducks and Panthers. I might edit the All-Star teams into Anaheim and Florida at another date. Anyways...here's the update...NHLPA '94.bin If you have any comments...Please be free to do so. Enjoy!!!
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