Good idea for these two threads?

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I don't want this post to sound morbid in anyway and wasn't sure if I was even going to post this at first, but I got to thinking:

What do you guys think about having a military thread? I'm not military myself but have a couple vets in my family and I place all veterans in high regard. I was curious if we have any currently deployed or soldiers already back at home, any military vets for that matter amongst the NHL 94 community? This thread would be a place for them to say hello and tell us where they served and such. Opinions?

Another one:

Try to stay with me on this. All this stuff popped into my head during one of my deep thinking crazy spells.

I was daydreaming about how old this game is, and how young I was when my Dad brought it home brand new, and everything else that happened over those years in my life- friends and family I've lost, etc.

I also began thinking about this when I was doing a quick member search to see what year I joined. I remember coming across this website several months before I actually joined and wish I joined at that time. I noticed a lot of members haven't logged on for years and began wondering why not, what happened, did they lose interest or something else happen that we would never know?

And believe it or not, as stupid as it sounds, NHL 94 is one of the biggest hobbies of my life that I would miss. Who would log in for me to tell the news? Would they know my password? Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Accidents happen all the time. Have we lost any members already? I can imagine some of our occupations put us at a greater risk than others.

Should we start a thread dedicated to any members who we've lost? Or would that be a jinx?

Personally, I haven't been very active lately on this site but want to change that. So I don't know if we lost someone way too soon who was active playing on line. So maybe we should just deal with it when it happens.

Sorry, too deep of a thread, I know.

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I definitely wonder where some guys disappear to. DMac, for example, just vanished from the community one summer after being a pretty dedicated member for a long time; very odd.

No idea if anyone here is/was in the military for their country.

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