Spring Classic Playoff Videos

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...3 hours after falsely proclaiming it was ready....

OK here we go, game 1, pearate vs gretzonacold. I screwed up the sound for this one so it only got the mic sound, no game sounds. That'll be fixed for the remaining games. Enjoy.

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Haha. Very cool. Was actually a poor game 1 really. Pearate livened it up with some good plays in the 3rd & Fuhr made some big saves too. The rest of the games in the series have a lot more quality play I think.

Great work ProBob!

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Very nice... for future reference, you might want a windscreen over the mic to eliminate popping on certain syllables. Or just hold the mic farther away or don't talk directly into it.


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Great job Bob.

"Fuhr went down early" ... that's what she said

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