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most other forums have something like this, just a simple thread where you can post music you enjoy and you feel others might also.

this is NOT a thread for arguing, ignorance or music superiority.

i thought this would be a good way for all of us in this community to show a side of themselves unrelated to hockey, video games or hockey video games.

you can post any music you want but the general idea is to find new music, so refrain from posting mainstream music that everyone already knows about i.e. nirvana, metallica, lady gaga.

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here"s a couple new songs from one of my favorite bands(known best for The King of the Hill Theme song).

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i love kraftwerk

Just saw them last year here in Vancouver. If I told you it was 4 elderly men in spandex playing synthesizers, you'd probably think it would be awful. It actually was mind blowing.

You have a great theme song by the way:

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I love me some Mastodon but some may consider that a known quantity so I'll put up a bad I discovered while I was taking drum lessons. This dude can play.

Sound of Muzak

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If you want to listen to some dope current music I suggest checking out Neon Indian, It's pretty chill, lots of synths and dreamscape orchestration.
I myself play in what is damn-near a Misfits tribute band, bass and vocals, but we also play some RATM, RHCP, QotSA, and various punk stuff (Suicidal Tendencies, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy's etc) Acoustic sets usually contain Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and whatever melodramatic bullshit I write about relationships and getting fucked up.

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This is why we can never find Fenty. The guy at 2:16 and the one right after that with the awesome dance moves are great.

I think I saw Hokkee right after one of his drunk rants at 4:09 as he is feeling proud of himself, lol

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I probably run that CIAbooky music group you don't quite love if it's address includes "thevery" before/in the band name.

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