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Please post your trades here in this type of fashion:

Skip (Boston) trades pick 1.11 and 6.10 to Lupz (New York Rangers) for pick 1.18 and 4.3.

The other manager will then "approve" the trade, below. Once approved, I will post as an approved trade. Everyone gets 5 trades.

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Everybody trades all of their first round picks to Sean, for nothing in return.

thats almost hokkey like. LOL

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I tradon my 7.2 and 8.17 picks to Labs for his 7.13 and 8.6 picks

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LABS_66 PIT trades 7.13 and 8.6 to Maverick MTL for 7.2 and 8.17


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To everyone - I haven't checked on my rosters lately, but I'd like for everyone to know you can give me requests for trades for me to consider. (One more thing, tomorrow I am going over to my relatives for the day, but I will try to work with any offers before deadline)


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