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Surviving Summer Redux


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Hey.  I've been away for a while dealing w/ a lot of personal drama, but while I was on vacation leading up to the end of the scheduled season's end, July 5th (prior to all my drama), I was checking in &  I did notice that basically, ASIDE from Tex, no one really played this season.  Basically, the participation even with me texting some guys/pushing along, that it became pointless to keep posting/updating, as for the June/July part, it was dead.


SO, any of the players of the league still want us to try get enough series played to make a playoff setup for around mid August? 


It would be a solid practice / exi for both the NY tourney and the Vegas tourney.


IF we get enough buds posting here they will actually play more games, then I'll work on following up.  IF not, I'll work on doing something post Classic, which is likely to run post Vegas, I'd assume.

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You would think this stuff was done on purpose :super_man:


We know how to prevent this issue.. yet the same bullshit leagues built for slackers keep coming back! When is it going to stop?

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I blame Internet porn ......94 never had a chance.....only so many megabits and megatits in 1 day :( .....on a side note I quit drinking 3 days!.......hangovers suck I'm 35 and it takes me 2 days to recover what kinda evil s**t is that God! time to find a new pass time

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