The Quest For 32 - TSB4's Journey to Completion.

Started by drunken_honkey

This thread is intended to be just a spot for the TSB fans to follow the process of the our TSB4 rom project. Here we will post each stage of converting the season from 30 teams / 6 divisions to 32 teams / 8 divisions. We will post coding we may need help on, updates on the status of certain codes, screen shots and videos. Stage Titles will be in "red" until completion. Once the Stage is complete it will be in "green". At some point the betas will be released in this thread. Something like this has not been tried on this site, and seeing as me and my brother (Hurricane55) are going in uncharted SNES waters, I thought this would give everyone a basic idea of what we do as we edit this game and maybe get some help on parts we might be stuck on. I will try not to jump around, but if we hit a dead spot, I will move to another section until I can figure out what ever issue we might have. This should be a great guide once we are done. The hacks we will need to do will pretty much cover the processes of hacking text, mapping sprite locations, and data adding (we will have to add 2 division that will be able to be selected in the menus). Also, I still have some cut scene hacking to do, and once you edit one cut scene, you'll have an outline of how to hack the remaining. I will be adding individual spreadsheets for backgrounds and cut scene sprites when I get to those edits. I'm going to try and keep this thread as nice and orderly as possible for easier navigation for future edits.

Hacks included in this thread:
Stage 1 - Visually changing the Division Standings Menus to reflect 4 teams only. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 1 - Standings Menus Visuals.docx
Stage 2 - Expanding the arrow mapping in the Main Standing Menu from 7 to 9. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 2 - Standings Menus Arrows.docx
Stage 3 - Expand the text pointers for each of the Divsion Standings Menus from 6 to 8. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 3 - Standings Menus Text.docx
Stage 4 - Relocating Code In the SRM File for Division Stats / Rosters (Page 1) 100%

Stage 4 - Standings Menus SRAM.docx
Stage 5 - Relocating Codes In the SRM File for Team Control Menu (Page 1) 100%

Stage 5 - Team Control SRAM.docx
Stage 6 - Create new Team Control Menus. Expanded to 32 screens (Page 1) 100%

Stage 6 - Team Control Menu Season.docx
Stage 7 - Expand the Season Schedule to 32 Teams / 16 Games Per Week. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 7 - Season Schedule Expansion.docx
Stage 8 - Expand the Season Team Stats to Read 16 Teams Per Division / 32 Teams. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 8 - Stat Tracking Expansion.docx
Stage 9 - Expanding the End of Season Menus to 8 Divisions / Season Awards & All Pro to account fir 32 Teams. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 9 - End of Season Menus and Awards.docx

Stage 10 - Expand the Playoffs to include 8 Divison Winners/4 Wildcard. (Page 1) - 100%

Stage 10 - Playoff Menu and Seeding.docx
Stage 11 - Expand the FA coding and Turn off Trade Function. (Page 1) - 100%.

Stage 11 - Trade and FA Mode.doc

Stage 12 - Expand Team Tables for misc team styles (Page 1) - 100% Just need to post the locations.

Stage 12 - Team Tables.doc
Stage 13 - Misc Roster Coding. (Page 2) - Will continue to add as I find coding that does not really apply to any of these stages). On Going.

Stage 13 - Misc Locations.docx

Stage 14 - Expanding the coding to read the Created Players.

Stage 14 - Created Player.doc


Tools Used For These Hacks

Cygnus Free Edition - Hex Veiwer / Editor

Geiger w/Debugger - SNES Emulator with DeBugger & DisAssembler

SNESPal - SNES Pallet Editor

TilEd2002 - Easy to use Graphics Veiwer / Editor

TileMolestor - Hardcore Graphics Veiwer / Editor

ZSNES - My personal favorite SNES Emulator

HxD - Hex Veiwer / Editor / Compare Files

no$sns - Not so good emulator but has VRAM Veiwer and Debugger.