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Gauging Interest in Joining The SNES NHL '94 Cup Chase


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Years ago, I ran an ongoing NHL '94 competition called the NHL '94 Cup Chase.  It was an ongoing competition, structured more like boxing than anything else.  The idea was that you had one player who was the title holder and everyone else was trying to take it from him.  Every week, the title holder had to defend it from the challenger, while everyone else was trying to climb the mountain by winning games against their assigned opponents.


It failed because not enough guys were able to play their games each week, which is understandable because life and technology sometimes get in the way.  That said, I am considering bringing the competition back soon, significantly reworked in order to try to fix the flaws.  To that end, I would like to gauge the general level of interest in participation.


If you think you'd be interested in:

-an ongoing competition, rather than a seasonal league

-play between 4 and 6 games (tentative) every round, with rounds lasting about 10 days (tentative)

-SNES (I may do a GENS version if the SNES version is a success)

-points are earned in the standings for winning, but also for smaller things such as per-period performance

-a minimum number of points are earned for each game played, so even if you get demolished you've still earning something from playing

-getting *paid* (in Golden Pucks) for playing, currency that can be spent to gain advantages in future matches

-fame and glory for climbing the mountain and staying there

please respond to this thread.  If I get enough interest (I think 14 players is the absolute minimum I'm looking for to start) then we'll see about getting it started (preferably sooner rather than later so that we can take a break around Christmas without blunting any accumulated momentum).


Tentative format:

Every week, each player gets assigned to a pod of 4 players.  Each player is expected to play 2 games against at least 2 opponents in his pod.  5-minute periods, penalties on, offsides off, line changes off.  Original NHL'94 ROM, be whichever non-All Star team you want (both players can be the same team).  You earn points in the standings for your performance.  I haven't finalized anything but I'm envisioning something like:

*10 points for winning a game.  If you lose a game, you earn 3 points for every period you won, 2 points for every period you tied, 1 point for every period you lost (so a minimum of 3 points earned for a loss)

*1 point for every period in which you scored 2+ goals

*1 point for every period in which you shut out your opponent

*1 point for a successful penalty shot (up to 2 per game)

*1 point for a successful penalty shot save (up to 2 per game)

*1 point for 2+ breakaway goals in a game

*1 point for 2+ one-timer goals in a game

*1 point for committing no penalties in a game

*2 points for committing 4+ non-interference penalties in a game


Regarding GP, let's say you earn 2 for winning a game and 4 for losing a game (cuz the better players don't need the advantages as much :D ).  Perhaps you could buy advantages such as:

*use an All-Star team

*ban 4 teams of your choosing for your opponent

*your opponent has to start a game with goalie pulled and can't put him back until you've scored a goal

*buy a matchup against a specific opponent

*buy your way into the championship pod (better make this one expensive and accessible to only one guy each week)


So players accumulate points as they play and the idea is that each round, you've got last week's champ and new challengers (the guys who have accumulated the most points) enter the championship pod, and the guy who earns the most points in the championship pod that round takes (or keeps) the title, and the other guys cycle back into the regular pool and start with 0 points, having to climb the mountain again.  This way, even the worst player can steadily accumulate points and earn his shot at the title, but at the same time the strongest players will tend to climb to the top more frequently.


So that's the (tentative) vision.  Suggestions and interest welcome.

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