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Hi everyone!

It's that time again...
As with past years, I am posting my NHL94 2023 edition ROM (various updates, to come, throughout the season).  I'll start with this “Way Too Early” Edition and post additional versions as the pre-season/season progresses.

About the ROM:

*32 teams. 
*The ROM is based off of the Slapshot67 32-team template.  
*60 Min. OT.
*The ROM has the "weight bug fix". 
*The ROM has Clockwise's sprite patch.
*The rom has the WAS/WPG freeze bug.  When corrected, it causes an issue for the playoff mode.  If you use Kega Fusion, it will not freeze the player cards for those teams.
*Uniforms have been updated for Edmonton (both home and away), Columbus (Away) and Vegas (Home).  The Vegas one has not been officially confirmed but it has been rumored and this year’s draft supported it.
*Jersey numbers that have been confirmed (as of 8/3/22) are in the game and for those that haven’t… best guess.

*Lines/d pairs are best guesses for now. 
*I didn’t include any UFAs except Patrice Bergeron.  While he has not yet been signed, the Bruins GM confirmed that he believes he’ll be back and the signing delay is a salary cap formality.  Bergeron has been on record as stating that he would only return to the Bs.
*Some injured players are in the active rosters if they are rumored to be returning this season.

If you notice any mistakes, please let me know... enjoy!

"Way Too Early" Edition ROM (Posted 8/3/22)

NHL94 2023 Way Too Early Edition.bin

NHL94 2023 by Sauce.png


Matthews Scores!.png

Igor Saves!.png

Gaudreau Scores!.png






Edited by Sauce
Re-posted ROM file with corrections
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8 hours ago, Bobr9988 said:

Спасибо бро как всегда на высоте)класс

Thank you and you're welcome!

Edited by Sauce
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Hi All,

A buddy of mine caught a mistake, in this ROM, which led to me catching a few more.  They have been corrected and I have re-posted the file.  Sorry about that!

A couple of player new/changed jersey numbers were announced yesterday, after I posted the ROM, so I was able to make those updates too.  I'll likely do a "Pre-Season" version in September (as I have done before) which will include more roster updates.  


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