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  1. Banner Glitch

    Never mind, case closed! I accidentally replaced the blue color that was supposed to represent the text color so we're all good now.
  2. So I was editing wboy's 30 team ROM, and this happened to the home banners... not the visitor ones, just the home ones. The normal white color is now this ugly maroon... Does anyone know where the issue could be here or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Banner Glitch

    UPDATE: I've managed to revert back to a point where the home banner uses the top color of the away banner for the text color
  4. Hello all! This is just a little note to inform you guys of a project I've been working on called NHL Dream League. It's always been a dream for me to put all of my favorite hockey teams, both real and fictional, into one game and battle them against each other, and I've finally been able to bring this dream to fruition. This ROM I'm working on will include a wide spread of teams, such as: -USA and USSR 1980 -Saint Joseph HS, Penn HS, and Culver Military Academy -NHL All-Timers -Each Month's NHL "Team of the Month" -Minnesota Duluth, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Ohio State. -A seasonal team every month -Various all-star teams from video games and other media -an NHL94.com All-Star squad -The D.C. Eagles, a team of past US Presidents -The Humboldt Broncos -Various other squads of the past, present, and future. The hack will include fully updated: -Teams -Rosters -Splash Screens and Player Cards -Ratings -Logos -Uniforms -and More! Also included will be a full 5+ hour text/gameplay based story mode featuring original characters and an original team, the South Bend Suns, who are beginning their journey through the International Dream League using a roster of unproven rookies, working their way up the ladder until they square off with their all-time rivals, powerhouse Indiana Stars. The ROM is still very much in development and is less than 40% finished, but I must thank all of you for your help and support. Below are some screenshots. The title screen, starring myself, as well as Culver Academy and Saint Joseph HS Saint Joseph and the South Bend Suns square off. Ron Barr gives his trademark intro with a twist! The Suns score!!! Feel free to reply to this post with opinions, ideas, or suggestions as I need a few more teams to fill up the remaining spaces!
  5. Wboy's 30-team ROM

    I appreciate all the help bud, I've been using a program called hex fiend for the past few month and I'm pretty comfortable with it, it's pretty simple, but maybe I'll check it out, thanks again and have a good one!
  6. Hey all, I've been working on a hack of the original nhl 94 rom for a while, but I learned about wboy's 30-team rom, which, to be honest, is much easier to edit. So since I already had about 20 teams implemented into my game, I decided to transfer the data over to wboy's rom. So since I had a lot of typing to do, I tried to copy and paste a team on top of the data of the Boston Bruins (the team was just an edited version of the bruins so it worked fine) and it worked, but there is just one little issue: It seems the data for the players (and just the players, I only copied the players and not the entire block of code for the team) is just a little bit shorter than the data on the 30-team rom. Based on the screenshots below, I can tell that this extra chunk of data (highlighted in red) in the team's code is throwing the game off a bit, and it seems to be reading the arena name as a player but with no stats, which is probably the cause of the issue. I tried deleting this chunk of data and replacing it with empty bytes, but nothing worked. Can anyone help me out here?
  7. Wboy's 30-team ROM

    Thanks guys, without you this project I'm working on would be just a pipe dream.
  8. Wboy's 30-team ROM

    You're literally a hero bud. This is all I needed, now I can copy/paste and just make a few changes to make the game recognize the bytes. I might try virtualbox, but this is all I really need to get the work done in my hex editing software. Have a great day, thanks so much.
  9. Wboy's 30-team ROM

    After hours of attempting to get nose to run on a mac, it's a no-go. Does anyone know how I can redistribute player character lengths? I edit the pointer for the player's name length to display the correct length but the game apparently has no clue how to make this work. Is there anything on this forum with a tutorial for how to redistribute name lengths?
  10. Wboy's 30-team ROM

    Hi kingraph - I've been wanting to use NOSE for a while - but I use a mac. Yeah, I know, Mac sucks, I should probably use WINE or something to emulate windows, but I can't run it on vanilla Mac. If I absolutely have to, I'll get WINE and try out NOSE but I also like the satisfaction of coding the game myself, so if anyone has a solution that would be great. Thanks for the response though and I'll look into nose.