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  1. Penalty Error found in the game.

    There was a delayed penalty when Boston scored. Could that be it?
  2. NHL All-Star 2015

    Just in time for tomorrow's game, I present the 2015 all-star game rom! Everything should be good, but if you find any bugs, let me know. Have fun! AllStar2015.bin
  3. Oddly, they used the SNES graphics with the Genesis music!
  4. NHL '94 Quiz! How much do you really know?

    8/10, damn you Cliff Ronning!
  5. Who has the cartridge? And why aren't you wearing it?

    Mission accomplished.
  6. The offset for 94 (both original and 30-team) is @030E.
  7. GENS Spring'13 Classic Buddy List

    You can also just click on the buddy list file and it'll load the relevant window.
  8. The 20th Anniversary of NHL'94

    Sounds neat. Would totally be interested in this. And I agree with using the real 93-94 rosters.
  9. Spring 2013 season

    Back for more!
  10. We got a mention on Barstool Sports Boston

    Likely because this month marks 20 years since the Genesis and Sega CD versions of the game came out (The Super NES version didn't come out until the following October.).
  11. Pavel Datsyuk's nhl94 goal.

    Needs more overhead angle.
  12. NHL 94 - 2013 (un)lockout edition

    Serious bug: If you choose playoff mode as a team that didn't make the playoffs last season (with the exception of Minnesota, as they're in Phoenix's place), the game freezes.
  13. We could use one of these now, huh?
  14. GENS C1- LA vs. CAL

    You know we can log them on the site now, right?
  15. Fall 2012-Games Played

    Can't blame us in C1, though.