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  1. The Dopefish

    Help Me pls

    I use OpenEmu on my MacBook. Installation may be stalled by the Security & Privacy settings, but that should be a quick override by going into the System Preferences immediately after trying to install whatever emulator you are trying and "Unlocking" the Security & Privacy tab to allow you to proceed. There shouldn't be any need to restart, and it's possible doing so might have undone that permission. Unless you are explicitly told to restart, don't bother. After that, the .bin files do not need to be further decompressed so they should work without issue. What emulator(s) are you trying to install?
  2. The Dopefish

    Old EA NHL Games on PC (2002 and older)

    I would be an NHL PC gamer still if EA hadn't decided the PC market wasn't worth their time. Those older games have their limits (I've had problems with getting dual analog controls to work correctly, for example) but they are the best PC hockey games we have.
  3. The Dopefish

    SNES Classic Edition

    Side note: on QVC the other day I saw a Genesis fauxback console that accepts Genesis cartridges.
  4. The Dopefish

    NHL'94 speed runs

    Then it could be categorized by team!
  5. The Dopefish

    NHL'94 speed runs

    I had an idea for a "speed run" of sorts: how fast can you get each one of your team's players to record a point? I was just trying myself: in 20 minute periods, with no penalties and no line changes (besides editing the lines after each player records a point), using skip's 2017 playoff ROM, I was able to do it with the Penguins against the Predators with 10:11 left in the third period. I had ideas on expanding on that and making something like a points system, based on how quickly you complete the run how efficiently you complete the run (i.e., in as few goals as possible) if the run is done in a shutout and so on But for now, I'm curious to see how quickly everyone can do this!
  6. I've been getting used to playing on my Mac, so I'm getting to appreciate the keyboard as well!
  7. The Dopefish

    I broke NHL '94!

    I've been playing for a long time, but I don't think I've ever had this happen. I had a power play in overtime, there's a delayed penalty, and I score the game-winning goal. Penalty is still called of course but then the game gets stuck in a loop showing the penalty boxes and the ref standing there. Too bad this happened in OpenEmu, because it saves states when you close the program/ROM and I was in the middle of a playoff series.
  8. The Dopefish

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    I believe this is a glitch that originates in the original NHL '94.
  9. The Dopefish

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    It's always a thrill when one of your jokes works too well.
  10. The Dopefish

    NHL 2017 by naples39

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39
  11. The Dopefish

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    I'm not trying to take anything any from naples at all, I'm just curious about his methodology. I am equally as curious about how skip does his ROMs. I shouldn't have to say it, but I think anyone who puts in their own time and effort to continue the legacy of NHL '94 has to be respected. I also played your throwback ROMs CoachMac and I appreciate all your effort regardless of which guy's ROM I like the best. I love playing around with these games to see what you can come up with, what will be a new and different experience, so I like to try to find out what people are thinking when they do what they do. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for someone's perspective, even if it differs from mine, because hearing everyone's perspective is valuable. I understand that you may be offended by what I said or how I said it, but I have nothing but the best of intentions.
  12. The Dopefish

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    I do appreciate the different perspective, although I do prefer skip's ROM as his is more like the original NHL '94 where the best players are up in the 90s. I'm curious (as I haven't seen an explanation) if your perspective is representative of a view that today's players aren't as good as those back in the 1990s?
  13. The Dopefish

    NHL17 Trade Deadline - by Skip & Slapshot67

    Thanks for the hard work again as always skip! (ETA: actually, that spreadsheet doesn't look updated; looking at the Penguins I see guys like Bennett, Plotnikov, Zatkoff. I know they're not in the ROM, I'm just curious to see the updated spreadsheet because I'm a dork.) (ETA again: I see that the tabs for the individual positions has the corrected rosters, so never mind! :))
  14. Hi guys, I don't know how valuable my input would be as someone who mostly lurks, doesn't participate in leagues, and just likes to play against the computer, but I wanted to offer my two cents anyway. I also didn't read the whole thread, so sorry if this overlaps with anyone else's thoughts. If the idea is attracting new, young people to NHL '94, you're going to have a tough time competing with several issues: On a Venn diagram, PC gaming and sports gaming are pulling apart year after year. This means that people who play modern EA NHL games are used to being able to pick up and play against a friend online with little difficulty. Personally I don't think the process of playing NHL '94 on Windows against someone else is too onerous (having grown up in the age of server browsers, old), but consider the ease with which someone can do it on PS4/X1 and you have a natural impediment to one's desire to participate. Playing NHL '94 likely won't have much appeal unless the rosters and graphics are continually updated (which, gratefully they are), but beyond that there are several aspects of the game that so far cannot be modified (rule changes, roster sizes, minor leagues, game modes like a full regular season, statistics...things that are taken for granted in new games). The novelty of playing NHL '94 with updated graphics and rosters can wear thin. Then, making a fantasy league/team is not a straight-forward process either. If I knew how to modify the updated NHL '94 so I could do it myself, I still can imagine the process being time-consuming. Nevertheless, herein lies the main source of modification the game and any leagues can offer. Finally, I have an expectation that the people who play in NHL '94 leagues with some regularity are formidable opponents for a variety of reasons. In a general sense, this community is full of NHL '94 veterans, and even the idea of competing with people who have been at this for upwards of twenty-three years sounds daunting even to me. Speaking even more broadly, I get the sense that this community hasn't had an infusion of regular new blood in a while. Being a more open and accessible community would always be beneficial. To that extent, I like the ideas of mentoring, expanding into "C" leagues, using Discord, having ladders and relegation/promotion, streaming and game nights...but is there enough of a potential user base to make the most of those ideas? What would one even do to encourage people to seek out this community? I know there's a Twitter handle, I'm sure there's a Facebook there a YouTube channel? How about Twitch? Does anyone stream the games already? Play-by-play/color-commentary would be fun as long as there were professional-enough people doing it. (As a side note, I know there's a group on AIM for NHL '94 and people seeking out exhibitions, but my understanding is that the OSCAR protocol will not be supported by third-party software by the end of this month. I don't know the full details on this, but it may server to expedite shifting over to a Discord channel.) Ultimately, how do we make NHL '94 appeal to young people? It's got outdated graphics, outdated rules, not enough variety or depth in game modes, and the competition would be stiff. I think if we came up with something like an Elo rating system that gave a clearer understanding of how good a player is, instead of just A/B/C level, that may help players integrate and find the most suitable competition for themselves. I don't think this would be too radical an impact on the leagues and the players out there now I hope I'm not too out-of-the-loop for my thoughts to not be considered, but I would like this community to thrive and survive where I've seen others fall apart due to stagnation.
  15. The Dopefish

    NHL17 by Skip and Slapshot67 - Major Update!

    I can't wait to play the post-deadline/playoff ROM!