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  1. STFU Hokkee-You trying to be the voice of reason is like Mike Tyson working at a rape crisis center. disclaimer: before the thought police get their panties in a bunch, I'm not making light of the crime
  2. I'll throw my hat in the ring, if for nothing else than to exact revenge on the homos that exiled me from GDL5
  3. All i'm sayin is that with the way things have screeched to a halt in the last week or so, i don't see all these guys(including myself) playin 20 games in 2 weeks
  4. For once i actually agree w/hokk. I prob woulda been close to finished with my season if most of these d bags had even been on AIM the last few weeks.
  5. Sounds coo, but if ya didn't have line changes the scores would get stupid
  6. Sayeth the tard who thinks Ray Bourque was better than Bobby freakin Orr
  7. Not true, friend PS: f**k all you Devils haters
  8. umm, slapshot, youngblood, miracle........
  9. Sorry, bro, can't Joe Sakic has some serious b***h slappin to do
  10. Opposing players are so intimidated at the thought of playing kg, they put themselves on the DL
  11. You realize most of us are on your side, right?
  12. and for the record, i'm all for hokk having no trade restraints this rule should be re-named "the hokkee cap" "I'm Jrod and i approve this message"
  13. Dude, when i acquire Rene Chapdlaine, the Devils will be un-stoppable.
  14. Devils LD:James "hot and cold" Patrick RD: Yves "don't call me Lids" Racine LW: Evgeny "Punch-up in Piestany" Davydov C: Joe Motherf*cking Sakic RW: Robert "better than Niewendyk" Reichel X: Paul "the PK assassin" Ranheim G: Chris "glove save and a beauty" Terreri LD: Olausson RD: Kurvers(Change # to 38) LW: Corson C: Ranheim RW: Lemiuex G: Billington
  15. I'm American-and Rush is f**king dope
  16. New Jersey selects: Evgeny Davydov
  17. lol thx iceman btw, there was no rd 3 time slot last time i was on
  18. Accepting offers for R Reichel, him and Sakic don't click
  19. well, that was gay so i guess i wait now?
  20. 2.10 Robert Reichel, bitches
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