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  1. Det(Jrod) vs Tor(SEBE) Tor 3 @ Det 6 Tor 6 @ Det 5 Det 5 @ Tor 3 Det 7 @ Tor 1 Tor 6 @ Det 2 Det 4 @ Tor 3 OT Great series, Sebe Boy am i glad AJ was wrong!! btw home ice was a disadvantage in this series
  2. Evidently the pressure of the GDL4 scoring race is getting to Buffalo's Alex Mogilny. With the league's top 3 scorer's seasons over with, Mogs had a good chance to vie for the Art Ross. Over the team's last 8 games, he needed to average 6 points per game to have a real shot at the trophy. A home and home series with basement-dweller washington seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. He came out flying game one in Washington, scoring 4 goals with one assist. However, Mogs missed at least 2 open nets and rang it off the post! In the Buffalo game, he seemed even more snake-bitten, hitting the post 2x to go with a couple more missed open nets! The final tally-3G/1A. For most players 9 points in 2 games is pretty good, but with 5 games remaining for the Sabres and Mogs a daunting 35 points behind league leader Jeremy Roenick, things aren't looking good.
  3. oops, my mistake R.I.F. reading is fundamental
  4. Hold up. Hokk, you're not trading ricci/yake again are you? Last time i checked they had been traded to my team?
  5. New Jersey, please f**k Boston
  6. Hokkee trades first and second born children to carse for pack of marlboro 100's and future considerations
  7. Hey Zalex I'll be on the rest of the week, usually late evening/night(EST)-with the exception of tomorrow. Let's get our series in!!
  8. Yo fellas, trying to finish my season! my remaining games are: 2 vs dmac 2 vs wags 2 vs FPB 2 vs iceman I'll be on early Sunday morning(EST) and late Sunday night (after 10 EST) Thnx
  9. Cosign, Damn, well said carse I'm against it because i think you need to establish/solidify a core of steady coaches before worrying about expanding. It's true that gdl only has 8 more teams, but even with a league of that size it's a chore to get through the season
  10. Just played sarcdoc23, his connection was solid and he is good to go. GGS man, welcome!!
  11. Off the top of my head, no. If sungod still decides to expand the league, i don't think it should be by more than a couple of teams.
  12. Ok, even tho i don't know s**t about odds, i sure as hell am impartial, seeing that i'm playing for the f**king toilet cup 1 Pit(Carse) vs 5 Mon(Sungod) In spite of Teemu's break out season, go with the #1 overall team in this series Pit 3:2 favorite to win series 2 Atl(Habs) vs 3 Otw(Sebe) This series will be close, Habs team may be beatable Pick 'em
  13. during the week, early afternoon till evening after that, late at night(ET)
  14. Kova, as much as i hate to admit it. AJ is scoring too many goals per game right now for him not to win the scoring race ps-sorry to disappoint you, smoz it looks like mogs will have a tough time potting 150!
  15. Det(Jrod) vs Cgy(FlamingPavel) Det 5 @ Cgy 2 Cgy 4 @ Det 5OT Damn ggs Pavel Youz a superstar boy
  16. Thanks Apollo/AJ, I'll try to keep it up(crosses fingers)
  17. Yes, the biggest tip i can give you.... RUN.....AWAY......NOW This game will take over your life.
  18. Ice, as soon as i become rich and famous, you've got a guaranteed job as my bodyguard
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