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  1. I tried and couldnt make it out of the first round, too many shots get blocked and trickle in on me :S
  2. Was it just me or did It look like he was wearing lip-gloss sure was purrty
  3. I was playing with my friend online late one night with the swos 08 update. Last 9 seconds Ilya Kovalchuk 3 goals, I had him playing center and i just won the faceoff and went in and scored. One goal was on manual goalie though (he sucks ) I won the game and kept the series alive.
  4. Ovechkin

    Smell the Glove

    check out those 1337 hax that was pretty sweet
  5. YOU FOUGHT JOVO. You are a living legend among the likes of Chuck Norris and Wayne Gretzky...because you survived
  6. I have 2 white canucks jerseys from 05 with no name and a new capitals jersey (red) with ovechkin on the back
  7. Hey, how come when I try to download it, it says it's either in an unknown format or damaged
  8. So me and my friend tried playing online earlier today. Every thing was fine untill I noticed he was playing weird. Whenever I had the puck he would skate back and forth in his end, and whenever he got the puck he would skate to center and dump it down. When his goalie had the puck, he froze it every time. I paused it and asked him what he was doing. He told me I was doing the same thing. At first we dismissed it as a glitch, and we restarted everything and set it up again. The same thing happened. I looked at our latency. Mine was around 60-62, but his was way up there in the 100's, yet the game wasn't laggy at all. I also checked to see if either one of us desynched or lost connection but no explanation. Is this just some form of lag, or is something wrong???
  9. sweet saves logan. I pulled off a few like that last night, with a little help from the posts
  10. sweet thanks man. Thats just what I was looking for
  11. Is there any gens versions with video recording? I'am tired of not being able to record all the sweet highlites when I play 94
  12. thats pretty insane. The longest I've had was 5 ot's against the computer. It was a huge relief when I finished it
  13. that goal was sexxxy Toews is great. I'am glad I got him in my hockey pool
  14. Sweet. I got it to work and it looks great. good job
  15. really? Do I just save it over the .bin file? I tried that but gens didn't load it
  16. Hey everyone whats up. I'am ovechkin. I have been playing 94 for 8 years (since I was 7) and started playing it on the zsnes last summer. I recently crossed over to Gens for the awesome 07/08 update. I have not played online yet but I am going to start onc I master the gens version.