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  1. Clockwise, once again awesome and thanks for your hard and outstanding work. This game is truly amazing, just like NHL 91 and NHL 11 Playoffs. I only play this when I commute to work on my phone. I have wanting to make a NHLPA 93 12 and original NHL Hockey 12, but I have no time for video games. I even bought NHL 12 for 360 and yet to open the box. If I could edit 94 I would want to make an NHL 82 just like your work, since I'm an Islanders fan and that was there best season. But, its probably impossible to find all the player cards for that season and you would have to bid on a very expense Topps/OPeeChee complete set. Keep up the work, NHL 94 and my childhood lives on with this game.
  2. Yo just pre-rank your players. I'm coming home from work around that time anyway, so I won't the draft either. Yahoo picks the best player available according to the rank. For instance, I want Josh Bailey picked last. He is ranked like 500 so Yahoo won't pick him, but if you set a player Yahoo will automatically draft him. By the way, you can sign free agents after the draft if you don't like your players.
  3. I will sign up also. I'm in many of these leagues, but it would be really fun to be in fantasy league with NHL 94 fans. I always prefer head to head also, but roto is a true fantasy league.
  4. I will do it, since I do millions of them. Yahoo is the best. Who is in to do a hockey one?
  5. Yea I got the same message. Why though I don't understand?
  6. Penguins CCM Black Crosby with 2009 Stanley Cup Patch Islanders Koho Orange Yashin Signed Islanders Koho Navy Dipietro Signed Islanders Koho Navy Peca Islanders RBK Blue Tavares Islanders RBK Navy Islanders CCM Vintage Blue Avalanche Koho Authentic Purple Lightning CCM Black with 2004 Stanley Cup Patch Sharks CCM Teal Coyotes Koho Maroon Flames Koho Black Maple Leafs Koho Blue Oilers CCM Navy Bruins CCM Black Rangers Starter Alternate Gretzky Team Canada Black Alternate Team USA Blue Might get a Blackhawks RBK Red with 2010 Stanley Cup Patch if they win
  7. I say Philly. Don't forget this is at the Wachovia Center in Philly. Flyers have been tough to beat there this season. As an Islanders fan, I hate both teams but I want the Flyers to win. Rangers Suck! Living proof is that the Isles have won 4 cups since they been in the NHL, while the Rangers only have 1 cup. The Caps will probably sweep both teams anyway. I think Montreal will crush the Leafs tonight leaving Canadiens in 6th Bruins 7th and Flyers in 8th. I can't see any of those 3 teams advancing to the Eastern Semis.
  8. After releasing my edit of NHL 93 the 2009 playoff edition which took a tremendous amount of time and effort, many guys thought the player ratings were bad. I updated the whole game and thought since the game took endless hours to edit that this was a pretty good game. All 30 teams, 2009 playoff matchups, and ratings based on the 2009 season performance. Because so guys complained that I'm not going to do a 2010 update which I would have released in the end of October. I put my heart and soul into it. I thought the game was exceptional. Anyone I can use NOSE it's the most simple program. Because I'm so busy with college work I'm not going to waste time with 93, instead play NHL 10 which is the best hockey game right now.
  9. This is the final season in Phoenix. I don't think the league would want the team to go Hamilton however, even though it would be great to see another Canadian team in the league. Since Phoenix is a major city in the United States it would be embarrassing for the NHL if the team moves to a smaller city. Winnipeg is bigger than Hamilton so it's worse for the league for a team to move back. I believe the league is looking to move the team to Kansas City or Las Vegas. They would rather keep the team in Phoenix than move to Hamilton. If Balsille gives the NHL and the city of Phoenix around 300 to 400 million combined Balsille will be the new owner. 242 million even though it can buy like 15 teams in the NHL, the league would rather lose 50 million a year than see a team move to Hamilton, Ontario. Oklahoma City has a bigger population than Hamilton.
  10. Clockwise, this is truly my favorite edit of NHL 94 and the best ever probably. Couple of suggestions to fix for this edit. There are only 2 things that cause a problem with the game. 1) You should have the actual 1991 playoffs pairings. This was one of the best playoffs in NHL history. I have 91 Stanley Cup Video and used to watch it daily when I was a kid. Go on Wikipedia to get the actual matchups. Adams - Boston vs Hartford, Montreal vs Buffalo, Patrick - Pittsburgh vs New Jersey, Rangers vs Washington, Norris - Chicago vs Minnesota, St. Louis vs Detroit, Smythe - Los Angeles vs Vancouver, Calgary vs Edmonton. 2) Why when you try to change teams during the playoff mode the screen and game freezes. Once you go past Winnipeg and Boston the game freezes. It's weird. That being said this edit is still amazing and the best for Gens. I only wish I knew how to edit 94 the way you do.
  11. As an Islanders fan, this is definately the toughest decision to make for any GM. At the 2000 NHL Entry Draft Mike Milbury ruined what was our 2nd dynasty. He took Rick Dipietro who is at times a great goaltender but never a top 5 goalie in the league, rather than drafting Marian Gaborik or Dany Heatley the top goal scorers in the game today. We already had Roberto Luongo so I don't know what the man was thinking since he traded a superstar. But last season we were tied with the Rangers (Rags) for the fewest goals scored in the Eastern Conference. We need a goal scorer. John Tavares will probably not be a Crosby, Malkin, or Ovechkin, but he is definately better than Kane and Toews and look at the Hawks now tied 1-1 against Vancouver in the Semis. John Tavares will help bring in more fans and a desperately needed new arena. He is the best forward in the draft and the team needs a sniper. I never thought that Kane was going to be an exceptional player but he is and I guarantee if the Isles select Tavares they will finish close to making the playoffs next season. In 2011 they will make a serious run in the playoffs. Tavares is a 40-50 goal scorer in the NHL. He dominated the OHL at 16 and he will dominate the NHL. Tavares an Islander. If not we should somehow draft both Hedman and Duchense together by trading to get the number 3 pick from the Avalanche. The team is not going to move to Kansas City. They are staying on the Island. Can you guys name another US NHL team to win 4 cups in a row you can't because the Islanders franchise is one of the best in all professional sports. No team will ever win 19 straight playoff series. Hockey's most unbreakable record.
  12. puckhead8926


    This has the potential to be a great game go to the OHL website for player rosters. Use Wboy's 30 team rom to edit the banners. I might start this project since I'm a John Tavares fan.
  13. The ratings were based on the 2009 season performance. I used slapshots ratings template. Whatever points the players had this year is linked towards their ratings. Souray had a great season points wise and yes injuries were accounted in the game which I should have corrected. I never looked at games played while creating the ratings. Komisarek only had 8 points this season he had a terrible season just like Montreal. Laraque probably only had 100 PIM which is why he is a 71. If he had 150 PIM he would have had a 100 fighting rating. I didnt look at the games played which I will for my next edit. Fighting is based on how many penalty minutes the player had. Since I'm not sure how the players are with each rating, I used each rating to create their overall rating. So a players like Malkin and Ovechkin had an 100 checking and aggression rating even though they really aren't. I didn't consider each rating but only overall ratings.
  14. I think so he was never given a fair chance with Detroit originally. I was very happy once my Isles had him for a season and a half where he played really well for us in 2002. He did carry them to a sweep of the Caps in 1998. Last year also. I say he's in the hall but not immediately after the 3 year waiting period. He will have to wait 5-10 years before he gets the call.
  15. Unfortunately thats how 93 was created. I never really would play 93 with line changes on for this specific reason. 94 improved it a little with the players stamina and auto line changes. The only way to fix this problem is to go into NOSE and make the players endurance 100 for everyone. I based the ratings on the 2009 season performance. The top scorers in the NHL this season have the best endurance for example, Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Datsyuk. If you want use NOSE to make everyone endurance 100 then you won't have that problem.
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