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  1. Well he got it from me. I posted it here http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?s=&sh...post&p=3975 over a year ago. But that one had a bug that Fenty reported to me. Never got to replace the one in that post though. So here's the more recent one anyway: NHL.94.3on3_xstioph_fixed.zip
  2. Playing with one hand could be as easy as controlling direction with the D-pad and pass/shoot with L1/L2, but I doubt that was what he did On topic though: I lose to the cpu once in awhile, the Snes ai can get insane games from time to time. I never go for those "cheap" goals against the cpu though if that can be called an excuse. According to my season stats I haven't got a loss in ~120 games (not really sure which I have played though, I might have lost some of the games with the poor teams, though I "sim" most of those games). Maybe I lose 1 per 100 games or so. I remember once, a player on the cpu team scored a hat trick, when I was playing with Detroit, at that point I was down 0-3 I was like, wtf... Seriously nothing worked! I got so mad I shut down the game... lol. Apart from that time I get some close games now and then, but that's just fun. Like I said, I try not to make any cheap goals. Maybe a few nice breakaway goals and fat one timers. Awesome goals ftw. Cross creasing @ cpu is just plain pointless imo.
  3. Oh! Awesome, DaDonch! Haven't tried it yet though. But I have close to 400 save states that I've used with my season tool (unreleased) so that'll put it to the test I guess. Quite excited to try it out. edit: Certainly nice that you can import whole folders! Looks really cool. I thought the "PPG" might have a bug in it but realized it was Points Per Game, assumed it was Power Play Goals at first.. Heh. It seems to work really well. I'll have to play around with it more.
  4. Top: Detroit Pittsburgh Calgary Quebec Los Angeles Bottom: Ottawa Anaheim Hartford Florida (at least away, I actually manage pretty well at home) Tampa Bay People might wanna see San Jose at the bottom, but they are actually quite good, it's just Kisio that has really poor puck receiving most of the time. And like Florida, Sharks are far better at home than away. Regarding Pittsburgh, I understand they aren't that great on Genesis? They sure are my worst possible opponent, that's for sure and they are definitely top 5 to play with as well. Needless to say, this list concerns Super NES.
  5. DaDonch: Oh really? That's not what I've been told, well it's the same, but you left out one part Anyway.. Yeah that sounds about right, that he might have saved to late. I think I've seen this "Anaheim vs Anaheim" sometimes when I've been save game hacking. Other than that, check that you're using the correct rom.
  6. Sounds like a typical "lag" issue. I haven't been playing NHL '94 that much online so I can't say much about it, it was quite some time ago by now. But it doesn't sound strange to me at all. It's probably just some "correction" that occurs, one side predict one event happening, but when it doesn't nothing happens. Of course this is just a guess, but anyway. If you're really curious you might ask on the zsnes forums (or #zsnes @ EFnet).
  7. Just re-download it then. Worked fine for me. *prepares for some IE vs FF ranting*
  8. Kudos on the work. But I guess it doesn't do much for me without snes support.
  9. I for one favor Ice Hockey, though it feels like Blades of Steel is the more common choice. But Ice Hockey just has such awesome charm! I haven't played Mutant League Hockey much, but the few times I've played it I've had fun. My guess on "a game that comes close" would be a Madden game, but I don't play them myself so I don't know (well I played the one on "EA Double Header" but that's it).
  10. NES - 2 fully functional units and 2 that I keep for spare parts.. 1 of them's modded to get rid of regional limitations (and some 100+ games). N64 - 2 games, never used it (quickly realized how much fps games actually sucked on consoles, bought it because of Golden Eye). PS2 - w/ 250gb HDD.. Wow those loading times sure got cut in half (and then some). Other than that I've owned a Sega Saturn and a Sega Mega Drive but they're both gone... Guess I have a pair of Game & Watch somewhere as well (Oil Panic and Octopus). Nostalgic note: Damn Donkey Kong Jr. was great... I sure want a Super NES, but only if I could get hold of one of them flash units that you can fill with roms (aah, hacked roms). Great thread.
  11. Oh.. Awesome that you share! Not sure if anyone here is too familiar with C++ though. I have studied it in school and made some very simple Half-Life modding, but I hardly remember any of it and were never any good... wboy uses VB, and I think DaDonch does as well. Let's see what happens. Can anyone post screens from it? Seeing as some have already downloaded it.
  12. I've never owned a Super Nintendo unfortunately, which is the system I prefer to play NHL '94 on. Back in 94-95 there was a friend who had it though and that's when I got hooked. Guess I got back to it somehow when emulators started spreading over the web like a wild fire (2000:ish?). I have however owned a Sega Mega Drive back in the days, which sadly broke and by that time (around '97 I think) I had a Sega Saturn already so I didn't bother fixing it or getting a new one... I never had NHL '94 for it, but I did have Elitserien '95 and NHL '96 (I'm Swedish, and so is Elitserien, Swedish Elite Leauge) and I also had EA Double Header which included EA Hockey (and some Madden game). Really liked all of them in their own way.
  13. Yeah, we topped out at 3 or 4 people? What about QuakeNet? I'm on both EFnet, QuakeNet and GameSurge pretty much allways... I thought it was strange that there wasn't more interest in an IRC channel. Seems like the best thing for a community of this style.
  14. I haven't looked at it at all, since it doesn't create any problems that I've noticed.. What happens on genesis when the checksum is incorrect? I've been looking at the checksum guide, but haven't tried to "translate" it to SNES since it doesn't seem to matter... I might be wrong. Maybe wboy can shed some light on this. But if you need other info just hit me up on aim or pm me for my msn preferably... Offsets, and stuff like that for team data perhaps... But if you're familiar with the gens hex code, the transition should be much trouble. It's basically the same...
  15. Same here! Hit me up on AIM if you need help beta testing. Is your rom supporting only the default rom or is it reading player names from the rom itself? I've been thinking of this myself, I mean it shouldn't be impossible to read stats and stuff from the save games whilst reading player names from the rom.. But a hell of a lot of work.. One way to do it might be to keep the player names in .txt files instead of hard coding them... I wanted to do that in delphi but couldn't figure out how... I've seen other games using something like this: [Anaheim Mighty Ducks] Goalie 1 Goalie 2 ... [Boston Bruins] Goalie 1 Goalie 2 ... Thus making it very dynamic.. I'm especially keeping the 30 team roms in mind, not that I'm playing using gens but for the other people. That brings me to SNES, are you still planning on supporting it? Great work anyhow! Looking forward to it! Cheers!
  16. I liked NHL (well Elitserien actually) 95.. Maybe because it was the only hockey game I had, aside from EA Hockey which really can't be compared.. But I sure loved the season mode 95, it was awesome to be able to play all games during the season. I later got NHL 96 and liked that one even better. When I played 95 last year or something, it was just way to easy, that was probably the biggest flaw imo... And the insanely poor shot accuracy (half of the shots fired end up in the crowd) is just really sad, that completely ruins game play. System for above games: Mega Drive * = Exception.
  17. Now that's just complicated... Like I said. ZSNES 1.51 has exporting to xvid (avi) buildt in. The only thing you need is "mencoder" that has to be extracted to the ZSNES directory. It's "lossless" xvid, so you should lose quality. By the way, how did you make your videos, Jeff? Since you're asking about it... So the only tools I used are ZSNES 1.51 + mencoder, and then Adobe Premiere to put the clips together... Hope this clear things.
  18. Heh, thanks man.. Actually it was your video that introduced me to the flip pass goals, so thanks again! Too bad they're so random though, hard to call it skill, but they're still really cool when you get it right. And it seems to work better and better, so I guess you can learn to do it to some rate, but it's gotta be almost impossible to "master".. I was actually only pixels away from making another Nolan-Sundin:ish goal yesterday. And btw.. #22 in Chicago is Christian Ruuttu :þ
  19. Double tap 'A' to block a shot in 96 I think... Not sure, but I think it's enough to press once on 95 (Genesis, never really played them on SNES since they suck). I played an awful lot of 95 and 96 back in the days.. :þ
  20. Heh.. Cool gprice Quite an impressive dive there by the defender And clockwise, that Bure sprite is really sweet, very stylish
  21. So.. I finally put together a video of my own. Installed and fooled around a bit with Adobe Premiere yesterday, and some today. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ruSsG3Y7I Some goals and hits and stuff. My favorite is probably the one where Owen Nolan flips the puck over a defender and then Sundin one times it while it's in the air! It's just clips with me vs cpu for now. I have a friend who I play frequently with, but we never recorded any stuff, will probably do so in the future though!
  22. This isn't really on topic, but for those that are using G15 keyboards, you should really try out the macro keys. They're really useful when you're messing around with hex editors, programming, excel etc. for areas where you do one thing multiple times. You can even record "ALT+Tabs", insert delays and such. It's insanely useful and has probably saved med DAYS in time. Text editing: CTRL + arrow keys jumps word to word, adding SHIFT to select word by word... You can click and drag to select text, but you can also double and even triple click... CTRL + Del cuts text (SHIFT + Ins pastes), it's sometimes smoother than using CTRL + X, C, V... The key is just to experiment to find the quickest ways and find out what suits you the best...
  23. "Unlimited Player Stamina with Lines Changes On!" I tried accomplishing that on snes but it's gotta be some other number on that one, heh.. I switched all occurrences, both Little and Big Endian but no result... Well one of the ~10 or so made the game freeze mid game. I thought, since it was the same value on all games for Genesis it probably would be the same for snes as well, maybe I missed something.. That's one of the 9x hacks that I'm really interested in. Don't like the game play of tired players, never did heh... Semi-auto line changes ftw! Being able to alter the speed boost sounds a bit interesting, but the turning speed even more so! Can probably change game play by an insane amount! For good, for bad? Who knows...
  24. I remember the NHL 97 for Sega Saturn being pure crap, no really, it was really really bad! The graphics were awful and the game play was even worse! But I'm guessing it's another game for PSX, I know NHL 98 was totally different Saturn vs PSX (Saturn didn't even have a referee). So maybe it's not as bad for Playstation. :þ I don't even remember what the intro was like... I think "Jim Huston" talked between periods, with video and everything haha.. Nah, that was poor. But I guess it was a step into the future... Though I'd want to see a new game without commentators, energy put on game play and other details. I don't mind an arena announcer though. :þ
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