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  1. How does this let the heavyweights shrug off people? Aren't they just as easy to knock down when they have the puck as before?
  2. I'm usually available late in the evenign. PM me if I'm not on AIM.
  3. LA vs STL Crazy series. I managed to score a winning goal by shooting the puck off the glass, which then rebounded off of his player's head. It's too bad that I didn't record the game.
  4. As a Flames fan, I absolutely hated the Phaneuf trade when it happened. I wouldn't have expected the Leafs fans to hate it so much.
  5. Is anyone else getting an error when trying to browse the forum from a phone? I'm getting the following error: Fatal error: Call to a member function primary_navigation() on a non-object in /homepages/23/d155520391/htdocs/nhl94-forum/admin_dir/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/hooks.php on line 93
  6. https://jackmacdonald.bandcamp.com/track/crocodile-lady
  7. Just saw them last year here in Vancouver. If I told you it was 4 elderly men in spandex playing synthesizers, you'd probably think it would be awful. It actually was mind blowing. You have a great theme song by the way:
  8. LA gets slaughtered by MTL. Little do they know, things get worse in 2 years.
  9. Kings played much better in LA. Must not like the cold.
  10. LA vs CGY Should have used my replacement on Robitaille. Oh well (-:
  11. Cool! How hard was it to learn how to do this stuff? I'd love to try to see if it is possible to bump up the probability of a shot being saved by the goalie. The poor goaltending and lousy shot accuracy are actually my two biggest complaints about the game. I'd love to make a rom with these aspects fixed.
  12. Do you think it would be possible to increase the accuracy for all of the shots in general. My biggest complaint is the poor shot accuracy in the gens version. It really sucks to have a stud defenseman like Macinnis who can't hit the net, or even keep it in the rink half of the time. I know you could bump the accuracy stats in Nose, but then you'd lose the differences between different players.
  13. I played a couple of games against the computer today to try out my lines, and I noticed that the computer players were really really flaky. I don't play the computer much, but I don't remember it being so bad (ie: players passing the puck into their own nets, goalies usually try to skate with the puck, doing flip shots on offence). It's not a big deal regarding online play, but I'm wondering if all of the rom hacking has affected the AI somehow? If this is the case, we might want to make sure that it doesn't mess up the player controlled teams.
  14. We are supposed to play tonight, but I'd like to reschedule it for tomorrow if possible. I hate to delay it, but I'm having trouble adjusting to a new prescription, and aren't feeling that great.
  15. Updated my lines. GDL_SeasonXII_v23.bin
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