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  1. Fenty's got it right though; he had some real competition on the way and his win was much less luck and much more solid playing. Every game I play I remember my defeat in that series and fenty has become my beautiful muse for my nhl94 artistry :|
  2. Jeff I support you in this post and will talk with Evan to see when we could do something along these lines. Really like the super league concept a lot.
  3. Tony I'm adding you now and we will christen that controller tonight (Monday) and battle. If we aren't able to find eachother tonight know that you will have an exhibition partner in me if you enjoy playing at ridiculous hours int he night.
  4. The best! I had no idea you guys had come up with this and I'm pumped to see the results. I'm sending waves of 94 nostalgia vibes to Buccigross now.
  5. That is a beautiful damn story you just told Vinnie and although my own dad is limited to the complexity of computer solitaire as far as video games go, he is a good man and still sat down with his son to play nhl94 when we had the chance. I ran across the site a few years ago while attempting to collect more people for a different SNES league and the place started turning into more of a daily visit. I had seen mentions of a GENS league on the site and I fired off an email to both Evan and the Finnish league in hopes of incorporating our SNES group with what they had running. The Finn's informed me that no one touched SNES with a 9.4ft pole while Evan graciously accepted and the man has a place in my heart 4FR because of it. EDIT: Iamfleury: Women have some sort of sensory system that starts firing as soon as a man thinks or utters the word nhl94. They fear the lusty eyes their man wears everytime he picks up the controller and they will hate it b/c they cannot understand it. The first year after our own RL group got a hold of a multitap the women were sent into the corner where they played card games and talked about our ridiculous habits. 2 years later they had all moved on to other people in life but we stayed true to our passion. It was a time of sexless celebration.
  6. haha damn that was about the worst mistake my sorry ass made. Sorry for the lack of response guys but i snesboy it should hopefully come up now. Shaka just hold off on confirming that score until I show you the meaning of power in our next game
  7. My earth shook when I saw that wallpaper clockwise: a simple thanks doesn't seem like fair payment for the gift . With the limits of the internet v1.0 I can't buy you a beer (or 6) and have it sent to your house, but we'll keep a running record and say that I owe you "one" whatever that might be. Thanks man, I'm seroiusly looking forward to going home in the next hour and viewing it in 1680x1050 glory.
  8. The replacement process is ideally quick and painless, but RL has a way of making it longer than it should be. I can understand the frustration with having to wait on 2-3 teams to play out a season, and it is a problem in a few of the leagues right now, both GENS and SNES. The next time I run across any of the GENS moderators in chat I'll definately point them to your post, although it's likely they're aware and working on the situation. The more seasons we have under our belt the better we'll become at sorting out this kind of business, as well as building a stronger base of core players who are more interested and active than some of the current coaches.
  9. Hrm its status is listed as "CONFIRM", but without the link which means that it should be on your side. Do you see it now?
  10. I used a copy of FRAPS before and it turned out alright. Beware though: the file size is huge as ass and takes a some extra system resourcs while your running it.
  11. The GENS writeup section is officially on my list of daily places to visit on the internet
  12. As soon as my internets are repaired me and you daemon will become exhibition duelists. For the rest of the guys: once we're past the first checkpoint it's more likely that we'll have a solid list of regulars.
  13. Not sure if its possible through Trillian but certainly through GAIM which is another multi chat sort of program. Thanks for the room SSiG and although I haven't run across many people in there yet I've visited and talked to myself about nhl94 before. Everytime I'm on AIM though I'll be in there as well
  14. :lol: I recently introduced the a recently married friend to the site and while he was a closet addict before his wife has seen the beast. Every night before i go to bed i pray that I have not set catastrophic events in motion
  15. Few more quick ideas: 1)Make absolute sure that you don't have any software firewalls running. They are sneaky as hell especially the windows one, but you can check its settings in the control panel. 2) Your ip address might be getting switched on you. go Start>Run type "cmd" hit enter type "ipconfig /all" Make sure that ip address is the same as the one you DMZ'd or port forwarded to. GL man I know the agony of wasting hours on networking. Hours that you will never get back and will curse in the last few minutes of your life before you are dead
  16. holy mother of ass those are terrific. Clockwise any chance of being able to get those in 1680x1050? Your design skills are just incredible man.
  17. Welcome Morgs If you enjoy nhl94 chances are you will make quick friends and faster rivals. Also if you ever feel the need to move to a higher plane of nhl94 please contact us SNES players and we will show you the way.
  18. Tony if you can add me through AIM: schwartz124 I'll be glad to give you the help I can
  19. If if makes you feel any better Caj one of the new guys just fed me some spanks and was all class while he did it. Watch out for EVUNIT24 if you challenges you to a friendly game take it serious k
  20. I am an SNES man throughout my whole bod and in the strangeness of the morning I selected Washington as my first pick. HFD how i loved you never forget
  21. Listen I'm sorry for calling your face ugly. But you still need to show it. Here's your chance to put up a picture of yourself and finally put to rest age old questions like: What nationality is BSDaemon? What does the face of a nhl94online champion look like? Can he shoot laz0rs out of his eyes?! Do Evan and Jacob rly resemble God? Do they have a monstrous white beard and sit atop a golden throne in heaven? Is schwartz really as devilishly handsome as I think he is? All this and more will be answered I promise it! My go: Yes this is a bar in winnipeg, yes i am the blonde haired essence of man on the right, no it was not twin night, yes i made mad love to the woman behind me before the night was over and yes I killed that man who wore the same shirt as me. I don't mean to be petty or vain but if someone wears the same clothes as you they prolly have to die.
  22. Sounds great man. I'll be cleaning the cobwebs from the zsnes part of my harddrive and finishing setting things up, so you add me on AIM and we will do battle err 'test'
  23. Registration day is a sacred time in the schwartz household and although my dream of waking up at the crack of dawn w/ my coffee and a bacon/eggs brekky already safely in my stomach have been dashed by the hellish beeping and the flashing 12:02 PM on my alarm clock, it does not matter: today is registration day let us celebrate. In anticipation of the newcomers (welcome again btw, its honestly great to have you) I offer my services as a nhl94online vet to play some test games and confirm your status in the upcoming season. I will be around for a ridiculous chunk of today and outrageous times in the middle of the night. If there are other vets who like the idea (BSDaemon I am looking in your virtual direction) post here with your AIM username and a mention of your avaliability. I suppose the results of the trial game (did it work or not) could be posted here as well although Evan might know of a better place where it could go. Ok my information quick Coach: Mat Schwartz AIM: schwartz124 Avaliability: August 11: Noon - 6:00 CMT Confirmed j3w1sH2K EVUNIT24
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