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  1. 1 minute ago, UltraMagnus said:

    New Developments!!!!

    • Rivals
    • New Teams - Big Country Wranglers (Country Stars)
    • Yearbook (For Multiple seasons).
      • At the beginning of every NHL season a simulated season will occur and posted showing each teams result. The teams that don't make it to the playoffs will be "Executed" and replaced by 8 new teams (some from the non-season teams, and new ones).
      • Origins of each team @clockwise @DeterminedApathy @segathon  @smozoma @bushhockeyfan will be noted to who thought of them.
      • Background story
      • Team Colors, Overall (F, D, and G), Arena, Top Players 
    • Potential new teams - Mystery Alaska, N.Y. Five Points (Gangs of New York), UFC Cage Fighters to name a few.

    Season matchup and Rivalry preview of the only 2 teams with 1 skater and 1 goalie....

    Jeremy Roenick (G-Ed Belfour) vs. Mandalore Mandalorian (G-Baby Yoda) 


    Amazing attention to detail.

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  2. 39 minutes ago, angryjay93 said:

    I think EA has a 100k in petty cash. If they wanted to, they can do it.

    The point is, there's no incentive to remake the game unless we, collectively, show we're willing to put up at least 100k with pre-orders through crowdsourcing or kickstarting it. 

    If we could get several thousand people to donate $20.00 towards the campaign, EA might take it seriously. 

  3. 3 hours ago, smozoma said:

    My thinking on this...

    They've said they might add online play if there is enough demand for it. But without online play, I just don't see much demand for this game. It's a chicken/egg problem. If the game had online play, I think it would make money for them - basic initial demand will be higher, demand for the game will grow because there's a scene to participate in, and they could release new $15 updates every year.

    They already have online matchmaking systems so it shouldn't be toooo hard to make it work. The one issue could be, as always, the game's internals are not coded to deal with online lag; so they either need to add modern netcode to the game somehow, or just accept that it'll have lag like the Tecmo reboot did.

    Once they have that kind of self-sustaining system going, they could choose to augment the game with fighting, seasons, AI improvements...

    This is the first time I've felt like crowd funding might actually be a possibility. 

    The community would need to prove to EA, by putting their money up front, that we'd pay for an updated version of the game. Not just an updated roster. 

    I don't think they'd budge for under 100k.

    Things like:

    • Higher resolutions so we can see the rest of the rink instead of black bars.
    • 4 lines and a roster editor.
    • team and uniform editor.
    • Matchmaking.
    • Multitap for 5 player games
  4. 11 minutes ago, 77 said:

    i want fighting

    It's just a distraction if it's the way it was in 93.
    Fighting in hockey video games should mean that if you win, you don't have to sit in the box but your opponent does.

    I could look past all the **** EA didn't add if they just made the game playable online with quick matches, private matches, and a leaderboard.

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  5. 18 minutes ago, UltraMagnus said:

    Well it might be... lol. Everything is related to the team in some way or another.


    Atlanta Walking Dead take place in Atlanta, Georgia and part of Season 7, "The Kingdom" rises and falls for their arena.

    Yautja Predators, Yautja Prime is the home planet of the Predators.

    Triple max security is the one that got me.

    Really curious to see who you have on Death Row.

  6. 1 hour ago, UltraMagnus said:

    Yup NHL95, but it will be for the All-Star team of this site. NHL94.com

    What I meant was: I have the Silky Johnson, NHL95, Player Hater of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award.

    I love to hate 95.
    My License plate says, "95-H8ER." 
    I wont by anything of a price tag of XX.95.
    My gramps died at the age of 95 and I didn't go to his funeral.

    All because 95 should have been 94 with all the cool additions 95 added. But no.  

    But now I have come to a crossroads where I have to accept the folly of my ways, or just double down on hating 95 even more.

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