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  1. 2 hours ago, chaos said:

    one thing about everdrives, is they don’t have the special chips for some games (like super fx for star fox). So there are some games that are incompatible with it. 

    Yeah. Was pretty disappointed to learn that I couldn't play Super Mario Kart. Not that big of a deal since there aren't that many games that use the DSP and Super FX chips.

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  2. @kidswasted

    My thoughts on the Model 3 from last year, but the post is mostly about the Retro-Bit, USB repros. The Model-3 was made by Tectoy, a company from Brazil. They produced SEGA consoles in Brazil in the 90's and into the early 2000s'.

    On 6/13/2019 at 12:02 AM, clockwise said:


    The Saturn pads are the best pre-analog stick pads ever created, and I don't judge cheap knock-offs of this legend kindly. I've had a few over the years as well (humble brag).

      Reveal hidden contents

    They Saturn pad is really good and hard to distinguish from the original. The d-pad isn't quite the same feel, but the Saturn d-pads are like a good pair of leather shoes: they wear better after being broken in. So, I'd have to play more to give a final verdict. Nice thing is you can swap parts with an original Saturn pad.

    This Gen pad is far superior to the model-3 Gen pad and on par with other 6-button versions; Sega CD for example. 


    Just want to clarify if there is a bit of confusion, I was referring to the Model-3 SEGA console, not a controller of some sort. It's the 6-button pad that came with this:


    I had this system. It feels one of those balsa wood paper air planes we used to get at the hobby shop as a kid. Also, the cable is really short. Which was intended, because if it was any longer you'd try to hang yourself with it once you realize how bad the build quality actually is.

    Some are a fan of the batwing Genesis pad, and I do respect it for just being iconic built like a tank, but I don't like it. Thankfully the repros from retro-bit are more than serviceable.

    Good buy.


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  3. Couple of differences I've noticed in 2on2 between SNES and Gens: 

    • Framerate seems higher in SNES 2on2, as compared to SNES 5on5. I've noticed this on an actual SNES with my Super Everdrive as well.
    • You can speed burst out of control quickly by just spamming it. In Gens, you have to get checked really hard into the boards to lose control of your skater so that they can speed burst super fast.
    • Floater goals are very rare to come by.
    • Flying burrito saves don't work well at all, unless they're done across the goal line. 
    • Penalty shots happen even with penalties off. Not sure how I feel about it, but I wish we could toggle it on / off.

    Having a lot of fun with SNES 2on2 so far.

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  4. 3 hours ago, LaTormenta said:

    @clockwise - Aye, I know what you mean but I just want to have as good a stab at it as I can whilst I have the time.  Once I find something that works, I will be able to plough through the rest.

    Plus, as stupid as this sounds, I actually find it quite relaxing!

    Believe me, I get it.
    I did the roster updates here for years, and humbly say that my logos were the best ever. I'd agonize over a pixel here or there like a repressed perfectionist. This is coming from a guy that bought 20+ media guides from the 90-91 NHL season just so he could scan them to make player cards. 

    Just try to keep in mind people play these edits to have fun and we all appreciate the hard work that goes into your edits.

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  5. 1 hour ago, smozoma said:

    NES Ice Hockey always made me scratch my head...

    Canada, USA, USSR, Sweden, (T?)Czechoslovakia, and.. Poland?

    FYI, Japan actually replaces Sweden in the Famicom / Japanese version.

    That's why I thought there might be a Japanese team in the Japanese version of EA Hockey.

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  6. 4 hours ago, segathon said:

    No prob, I'm sure @clockwise paid you a large sum of money to keep me out of the tourney.....

    I'll just watch from the bench with my gameboy drinking hot chocolate 

    If you really want to know the truth: he refused to accept my bribe, even though I told him, "I'll leave it on the ground if you don't take it, now, take it!" -- like an old Italian mother --- "It's your money, here, take it." 

    That's just the kind of guy @seamor is. 

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