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  1. I was playing a guy on zbattle a few nights ago and scored another flip pass from behind the net. SNES NHL'94 Flip pass from behind the net scored by #16 Trevor Linden
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI
  3. I just played a guy on zbattle and beat him bad. I can't wait to play the winner between Dangler and Master of NHL'94. Let's go boy's! If Dangler wins it will be very impressive!! 2 Championships in a row. Dangler vs. Val would be a good match up again and see if Dangler can beat Val again. Playing with offside on is so great for me to play right now. More Strategy to the game. Sign up and let's play at 7:00 pm Pacific time till 9:00 pm. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic...amp;#entry27644 Good Games Good Times
  4. Happy Birthday Evan!! Evan have a great day!!
  5. Nice! Wow not many hockey flip goals from behind the net ever scored! Goal scored by Evan Trupp! A hockey goal like these SNES '94 flip goals. We need a dive function for the forwards to score diving goals! Damn EA when are you going to upgrade SNES '94? With more features like diving forwards, block shot and harder slap shots!
  6. Thanks Halifax. Halifax and I have had some great games against each other. Halifax your a class act with saying GL and GG and nice goal. I just wanted to post a hello to some SNES NHL'94 players that played a fun part for me in the leagues. Sorry if I miss anyone. I wanted to post a Top 10 of who I can think of right now. SNES NHL'94 players you can count on for good times and being a good sport. 1. Halifax 2. Dangler (Xgrad06) 3. Shaftman (guitarman) 4. Tony Twist (drinnagh) 5. Xstioph 6. Fenty 7. Mark 8. Bob kudelski 9. Metzgerism 10. Dethrox It's been a pleasure playing all of you. The SNES NHL'94 leagues are better off without Prodigy of NHL'94. SNES guys agree? Prodigy of NHL'94 with his bad sportsmanship. Master of NHL'94 is not much better. Do people have a problem now with Master of NHL'94? I did in the past think he was a jerk like Prodigy of NHL'94. Who did I miss?
  7. Nice I added myself to the map. On a personal note. I'm gettting married on Sept.12/2009.
  8. Nice job roccopan! Vancouver Canucks Fall 2007 Champion JeffBC 32-7-1-0 I look forward to playing in future leagues when we run the league through the computer run website. Oh I don't want to go by Jeff94rules1 It's just too long to put on the cup. Evan if you could change my name on the old classic site to JeffBC. Please. Thanks. http://nhl94online.com/html/coachpage.php?...son=2007%20Fall
  9. I'm waiting to see who wins between Dangler vs. Master of NHL'94 In the 2008 SNES NHL'94 A fall series final Championship. This game is still at a wait to see who wins. This is going to be a great series I cait wait to see the results.
  10. Lol My SNES NHL '94 cartridge has the siren. Halifax I didn't know your cartridge has a whistle instead of a siren. wow Point of course of this post is not about the cartridge it's about the roms and how the SNES NHL'94 roms don't have the siren. Weird. Can the siren be edited in some how to the SNES NHL '94 roms?
  11. Have a siren sound after a goal instead of a whistle after a goal like in all these SNES '94 roms. Cool site for Hockey Horns. http://www.2khockey.net/forums/index.php?s...=7762&st=0/ Not that I ever listen to the sound of a SNES NHL '94 game. I think only dorks listen to the sound but for some future highlights it would be nice. Can this be done for the SNES NHL'94?
  12. Good question. Dangler was in the SNES A finals vs ? Has it been posted? I don't see it. Who won?
  13. Yeah! I hope this can be done for the SNES NHL'94 version.
  14. Tourette's Guy, Best Of Oh Bob Saget!!
  15. Great work DaDonch44!!!! Does anybody on this forum use this record keeper all the time? Who? I downloaded the record keeper. I put it in my folder that have my NHL'94 roms and the ZSNES. So then I clicked on ZSNES and opened up a SNES NHL'94 rom game and played 1 and a half games. I then exited out. I checked the record keeper. There are no stats in my recorded keeper. How do I save my stats to the record keeper?
  16. I have the wii! So what is the point about playing this SNES NHL '94 game on the Wii? So I can play with these updated roms? Anything different otherwise? Is it cool to play with the Wii controller? I can of course play this game on my original Super Nintendo (With the great SNES controller!) Cool I heard I can play SNES NHL'94 on my PSP!!
  17. Nice work northstar91!! What is wrong with this rom and this talk about Teams having the wrong home/away advantages? Can this be fixed? What advantages are the home and away? Please northstar91, Xstioph or someone A fun dream rom for me is 5 on 3 with this updated rom. Canucks are at 100% rating and the rest of the league are at a very low rating.
  18. Hey all you SNES NHL'94 fans! Out of all your SNES NHL'94 games has anybody ever scored with their goalie? I see it's happened many times in Genesis NHL'94. It never happens in SNES NHL'94. I have never scored with my goalie other than this way: SNES NHL'94 Goal scored by #33 Patrick Roy SNES NHL'94 Goal scored by #1 Kirk McLean
  19. I'm on Zbattle right now if someone wants to play. It's Friday 7:07 PM right now. I'm hosting.
  20. To Jason Andersen (SNES NHL'95 Software Engineer) From Jeff I was wondering if you were the guy that worked on SNES NHL'95 as the Software Engineer? Yes, I’m that guy. As Software Engineer did you get the old SNES NHL'94 software to work from and just get to tweak it or how do you do it? Did you have to start from scratch? You’re talking about a project that I worked on in 1994. That was a long time ago, but I do remember a few things. We had the '94 code base for reference. For most of the project I was the only programmer on the project. Jonah came on in the last month, and really helped get it out the door. NHL 95 really wasn’t one of my prouder accomplishments. I guess it didn’t turn out too bad considering the 4 month dev cycle, that problem with the south end goalie is pretty in-excusable (because of a bug, he never moves). We had about twice that amount of time for NHL 96, and it turned out much, much nicer. Do you and Jonah guys still talk? I do stay in touch with Jonah. I was disappointed with SNES NHL 95 and NHL 96. I’m sorry that you were disappointed with NHL 95. I have not had much feedback from fans. When I commented about my disappointment with the southern goalie, the disappointment I have really has to do with the fact that I didn’t notice.The problem was a typo-graphical error. There were more than 2 dozen other people that could have noticed the problem with that goalie and said something … most notably the testers. I definitely share the blame for the goalie, but I’m not alone. The Genesis 94 was created before the SNES. The SNES was a clone of the Genesis game, and ran at a much lower frame rate… For the 95 version, I was in charge of porting over updates from the Genesis to the Snes (so we inherited all the Genesis Gameplay elements). I believe the Genesis Lead is named Mark Lesser. There was a big push to increase the frame rate beyond the 20 FPS that the SNES 94 game ran… we brought it up to about 45FPS … in terms of frame rate, a big improvement. Still not the 60 FPS that the machine is capable of (another thing I was disappointed about). I worked for Visual Concepts, my boss was Greg Thomas. He picked up the contract from EA in late March, and we got the archive around the first week of April. Greg assigned me to the project. I was told that another developer had been working on the 95 version for about 6 months, but that their lead died, and they were unable to complete the project. I don’t know which developer, and we never received a copy of their work. Weird you didn't get his work. Even if you got his work would it have been like Genesis NHL'95 with long legs and bad graphics and fast gameplay? Most likely it would have been just like Genesis. Ultimately, the same producers were in charge. Why would SNES even get a new Developer? EA back then, didn’t do a lot of SNES in house. They made more money on Genesis, and SNES was more of an after-thought. Because of this, they had a tendency to farm out the work on SNES. Often times you try new developers because you weren’t happy with the developer you were working with before. Sometimes, it’s a matter of costs. I couldn’t say exactly how Visual Concepts ended up getting the contract for NHL 95. The graphical line look was determined by the Art Director, and the production staff. The production staff wanted the graphical enhancements to the rink, the crowd, etc. We probably had access to the Genesis for reference, and art staff at Visual Concepts did the rest. As far a monetary compensation goes, I was working on salary for Visual Concepts. At the time I was working about 80 hours per week on the project. An hourly translation would be about $8.00 an hour. EA owns all the copyrights for the code. I’m sorry you don’t like 96. I am proud of that project for a number of reasons. One of my favorite additions to that version of the game, is that way the defensive players will swap zones, so that there is better coverage. This was Scott Probin’s brain-child, but I still thought it was really cool. I’m not in contact with the people who make NHL today. The entire time I’ve been in this industry I’ve worked in the capacity of a contractor. In this capacity, we do what the client asks for. In our case, the client is the publisher/production team in charge of the project. I’ve never really gotten to choose what I’m working on. I’ve spent my career doing whatever work is made available to me. After NHL I worked on a lot of Madden, and NCAA Football products. We get paid as we go, by milestone. We only get paid if the production team is happy with the milestone, so all our efforts are put into making the producer happy.At some point I hope that our company will make enough money, to where we could self-finance a project. Then we could actually have full control over a project. From NHL94 to NHL95, the Programmer on Genesis made the big changes in the code. It was really the design/ production team that decided what changes he should make to the project. All the different production titles are confusing… Generally speaking the lower level the title (Assistant Producer/ Associate Producer) the more work you actually do on the product from day to day. Everything has to be eventually approved by the higher level production though (Line Producer/ Executive Producer/ or just Producer). Back with the SNES and the Genesis, those consoles are very slow computers. As a result all the programming is done in assembler. High level languages like C could not be used, because they would take up too much memory, and run too slowly. There is no automated way to convert a program from the Genesis to work on the SNES, and vice versa, so generally speaking, people that were good at 68k assembler, would work on Genesis, and people good with the 65816 CPU would work on the SNES. The processors are very different beasts. For all the similarities between the Genesis and the SNES, the hardware is still very different. Someone would have been hired to translate changes from the Genesis to the SNES. So were you happy there was a change for NHL'95? I was happy to have a job, working on video games. I really like the Super NES. Did you think that SNES NHL'95 was as good as SNES NHL'94? I know a lot of people thought that the '95 game was tuned too fast. I received all my tuning guidance from Kevin Hogan (the producer lowest on the totem pole). The direction was based on trying to match what they were doing on the Genesis. I think the SNES NHL'94 gameplay runs more smooth than Genesis NHL'94 yet Genesis FPS is so much Higher. Can you explain please. The game play speed, and the Frames Per Second are 2 different things. In game time, lets say that it takes 1 second to move half way across the screen. If the FPS is low, lets say 10 FPS, you will see 10 different positions as the player moves across the screen. This will likely look like the guy is teleporting from place to place. At 60 FPS, you would see 60 different positions, it will move a lot more smoothly. What I describe above applies mostly to motion. Most of the animations play at 10-15 FPS, regardless of framerate. The original 94 code is more than adequate for playing smooth animations. It just didn’t move things around the screen, as smoothly as the machine is capable of doing. The tuning changes made to the game play, so that players would skate faster. I’m certain Mark Lesser did those based on what the producer Rob Martyn in charge of the project were asking him to do. The Art Director for NHL94 and 95 was Nancy Waisanen What was she thinking for NHL95? The graphics are really bad. I really couldn’t say what she was thinking. The production staff wanted the graphic more enhanced? Marketing and production wanted the graphics to change from year to year, so that it looks like a different game. Anyone one with a producer title, is part of the production staff. Titles have changed a lot over the years at EA. Sometimes it’s hard to say what a person did based on their title. Do you know whatever happened to Michael Brook? I don’t know Michael Brook, or what happened to him. Thanks for the interview Jason Andersen (SNES NHL'95 Software Engineer). I wonder who was the lead developer that died while working on the SNES '95 version for about 6 month? Now if I could get Genesis NHL'94 Producer /SNES and Genesis NHL'95 designer Michael Brook Genesis NHL'94 and NHL'95 Programmer Mark Lesser Genesis NHL'95 Producer and SNES NHL'95 Supervising Producer: Rob Martyn SNES NHL'94 Assistant Producer and Genesis NHL'95 Associate Producer and Designer: Scott Probin Genesis NHL'94 and NHL'95 and SNES NHL'95 Executive Producer Scott Orr SNES NHL'95 Producer and Designer: Kevin Hogan SNES NHL'95 Assistant Producer: Ken Rogers SNES NHL'95 Technical Director: Dave Walker SNES NHL'95 Technical Director: Evan Robinson Genesis NHL'94 and NHL'95 Technical Director: Rob Harris Genesis NHL'95 Technical Director: Colin McLaughlin Genesis NHL'95 Art Director: Nancy Waisanen What is with the big yellow penalty boxes? Wow it took a lot of people to make the color worse than the year before. Genesis NHL'95 Graphics: Doug Wike, Lori Champney, Cynthia Hamilton, Ian House, Kendra Lammas, Alyson Markell, Terry Falls SNES NHL'95 Art Worker S.Green , Matthew Crysdale, Doug Wike, Lori Champney, Cynthia Hamilton, Terry Falls, Ian House, Kendra Lammas, Alyson Markel Especially these 8 people Please explain why for the big changes for NHL'95? Rob Martyn, Mark Lesser, Michael Brook, Scott Orr, Scott Probin, Kevin Hogan, Ken Rogers and Nancy Waisanen Let's get on this NHL'94, NHL'95 credit people! Does some Asian guy have the NHL'94 software in Japan? Even thou NHL'94 was done at EA in Vancouver B.C. Canada. How hard is it to find this '94 software? They should release it to somebody that can make little changes. We '94 vet have mastered this hockey video game and scored nearly every way possible you can in this game so we need new challenges new features like block shot, fake shot and have more harder slap shots that go in. SNES NHL'94 best hockey video game ever so far................ Until when?? 2094?? Should be now!!!!!! Quote from Darrell (aka Halifax) "I always say 'how can anyone not enjoy a SNES NHL'94 game...where your manual goalie can theoretically win you a game by itself?' Not to mention I love everything else about the game."
  21. My aim is not working right now. Dangler couldn't play the night that we planned so, Dangler is tomorrow night (Friday night) at 7:00pm Pacific time here in B.C. Canada good for you? Otherwise Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week are good for me to play at 7:00pm Pacific time. Cheers.
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