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  1. You can also try these tv hookup cables. http://www.hdretrovision.com i haven't tried them yet, so I don't know how good they work.
  2. I created the 32 team rom, it is almost finished.
  3. I do the easy stuff😄, you do the long and tedious roster work, keep up the great work.
  4. good work smozoma on those player cards find any free time to figure out that music?
  5. the weird thing is, team 32's player cards work fine, just that team 31 is causing problems. I don't know why there is checking sounds for team 31 & 32, and why does team 30 have no goal music, but 31 & 32 do. I know we can swap what plays for each team, but need to find out how the team music is associated with each team and how to change it around.
  6. Yup works good in fusion, but gens it crashes just on those player cards
  7. I did manage to add 2 extra teams and works in fusion, but gens only crashes when cycling through team's 31 player cards. any idea wboy? 32 Team ROM.zip
  8. the 32 team rom is close to complete, just a few problems, can you help me out?
  9. you can switch to white jerseys at home
  10. here is a home crowd color hack, I decided to hack the crowd after I got tired of looking at those 70s outfits for 20+ years, lol , it works pretty good with a few minor problems. -had to change all stick colors to a medium grey -all black uniforms are hard to see -one color uniforms look like PJs a few minor animations left to fix, after I will see if I can switch some pant and shirt colors to the original crowd palette. might get a few but most of the crowd tiles are puzzled together. let me know what you think
  11. here is the easy way open your rom in nose and look at the bottom left hand screen, there is a bunch of numbers for each team. open your rom in a hex editor and search for those numbers. edit them the way you want. done.
  12. want to get more fighting, try and figure out why 57 and lower don't fight each other.
  13. Most of the stuff you want here will never happen, do you know how long it would take to replace each screen, ice, etc. with its own image, close to impossible and to time consuming. here is some help on a few things ~ Instant Replay Menu add the image you want in TM, then rearrange in hex editor ~ Player Cards info on editing in TM here info on 30 team rom ~ Lord Stanley's Cup info on the playoffs screen here sprite Stanley cup is in the player sprites, area location in TM - 0006E51C
  14. it could probably handle more, but no music for those extra teams, so until we figure out that part, no rush on it.
  15. I started to add 2 more teams, the team data is added, there is no logos, banners or player cards yet, the problem I found is the 2 teams have no faceoff music, so I will slowly work on the rest of graphics, but we need to find out how the team music is associated with each team and how to change it around. 32 Team Test.bin
  16. updated faceoff music list 02C824 - 1, 9, 16, 26 02C70C - 2 02C718 - 3, 29 02C71C - 4 02C728 - 5 02C770 - 6 02C734 - 7 02C740 - 8 02C748 - 10 02C754 - 11 02C784 - 12 02C788 - 13 02C764 - 14 02C798 - 15, 27, 28 02C7A0 - 17 02C7AC - 18 02C7BC - 19 02C7C4 - 20 02C7C8 - 20 (PP) 02C7E4 - 21 02C7F0 - 22 02C7F8 - 23 02C800 - 24 02C80C - 25 02C7DC - 30
  17. I use these Bluetooth Controllers 8bitdo classic SNES Steelseries Free Impulse Controller
  18. Bluetooth Classic SNES Controller by 8Bitdo just search 8Bitdo on amazon or ebay
  19. also head over to gensports forum for everything classic football
  20. in a hex editor goto 0011CE1C and change the next 0x90 bytes, first number from 0 to 6 (6000 6001 6002 etc.) then open in tile molester and use offset color 1166840 to put original Ron back.
  21. trying to figure this one out. anybody else take a look?
  22. this is some hex info on a couple of graphics in wboy 30 team rom. yellow - image rom data purple arrow & purple - graphic pointer and start of logo blue - graphic length/data info red - graphic data light blue - color palettes pink - logo tile length and width green - logo/image tile layout blue arrow - end of graphic/start of another graphic brown arrow - start location so after each graphic in TM, below it will be that image rom data.
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