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  1. Ok, I'm free now, so if anyone is on for a quick confirmation game, that'd be awesome. AIM is BagelHK.
  2. Evenings pacific standard time are usually good for me, as well as afternoon. I'm on my phone right now, but I'll post when I'm home again and see if anyone is available for a game. Just got back into playing again, and as usual the CPU gets old pretty quickly.
  3. I'm on the waiting list on nhl94online.com, not sure if that's totally accurate, but I'd love to get a few practice games in and get confirmed. AIM is BagelHK
  4. So I haven't been active here in a long, long, time, and to be honest I never was that active anyways. I have since acquired a windows machine, and I would like to join a league, preferably a genesis one. I registered on nhl94online.com, and my AIM is BagelHK. Let me know if there is an opening for me!
  5. So today I got Windows 7 working on my Mac, and I believe I have everything downloaded to get ready to play. The only thing now is that I need someone to play against in my first couple games online. Anyone out there able to play against me?
  6. Saw this on reddit, and thought you guys might enjoy it.
  7. I've got two games on my iPod, one is NHL 2K11, not sure if that is still on the app store, but if it is, it's an all right game. I also have Hockey Nations 2011 which is pretty good also and it includes a bunch of national teams and all the NHL teams w/o team names but you can edit the cities and team names. There are a few good game modes on that one too. If you want NHL licensing go with 2K11, otherwise, I would go with HN 2011, it's only a buck.
  8. Yeah my sister loves the Flyers and when she was listening to one of their games I heard it too. Love that announcer too, he gets super excited when they score.
  9. NO NO NOT THE WHOLE SEASON! Haha. Definitely would punch this guy if he didn't shut up. If he knew about these hacks we have here, his mind would be blown.
  10. Just like minpind said, just hold down A. You can be anywhere on the ice, but careful because it will automatically dump the puck when you select your line.
  11. Well, I put the symbol players into Free Agency and the game still wouldn't play. It might have something to do with my emulator, but seeing as it's a port of DosBox, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  12. Well I tried the new ones for this season, and the only one that I can get to work is for 08-09 (http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/8479-nhl95-roster-update-for-the-08-09-season/). Then again, these rosters only work until I have to play Anaheim or Winnipeg.
  13. Bump. Can anyone help me?
  14. Ok, I see all these updates, and after figuring out how to apply the new rosters and the new jerseys, I try to play a couple games. The only thing that happens is that the game crashes. I tried a couple versions of these updates, and the only one that works is the one for the 08-09 season. I start a season with the Devils, and a few games in I run into the Jets/Coyotes, and then the Ducks. The same thing happened as before, it crashed. I looked at the central registry, and there are a couple screwed up players on the Ducks and Jets, with symbols for names, numbers like 0 and 128, and no position. I figure this is the reason that it keeps crashing. I am using Boxer, a DosBox application for the mac. Can anyone help me with these issues?
  15. Hey, love that you're doing these updates, but every time I try to play a game, an F appears in the top left corner, and the game quits. I am using Boxer, a port of DosBox to the Mac.
  16. Well I don't really care if the Coyotes are in there or not, I was just noticing that when I looked at the rosters to confirm they had applied, the Jets and Ducks lineups were screwed up. I'm pretty sure that has to do with the fact that I can't play a game other than ASW vs ASE.
  17. Just installed this game, how do I apply these updates? EDIT: Ok, figured it out, but now when I go to play a game it pauses a second and then quits. I checked it out a bit and the Winnipeg lineups are screwed up. Is there a fix for this?
  18. The issue is the one with Andrew Luck on the cover. August 22 2011 is the date on it. Page 34 on the bottom.
  19. So I was reading ESPN magazine this morning and I happened upon this: "This 18-year-old beloved classic still tops many lists of best sports games, and its many followers maintain a dedicated website: nhl94.com" Cool right?
  20. Tecmo Bowl was the first one with not all of the teams and Tecmo Super Bowl had 28 teams.
  21. Buffalo Bills and Houston Oilers in Tecmo Super Bowl.
  22. I play mostly genesis, with manual goaltender, offsides on, and manual line changes on.
  23. Thank you smoz, I downloaded Kega Fusion and it works like a charm. On to the cup finals!
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