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  1. whens the team drafts happening?
  2. Im Back boys! sry but been so busy and crashed my old cpu that had nhl94 n emu in it lol, startin to get the stuff back now! anyone here have Skype or Psn please add me "alonzi401" cant wait till this tourny in sept! its just a drive to downtown toronto for me lol keep me posted on how to sign up for the tourny and anything else i need to know! signed up for spring classic so anyone wanna get some games going add me on skype or psn! cant wait!!!
  3. im dropping Alexandre Borrows and picking up Raffi Torres , need the checking Borrows now a Free Agent...
  4. sick ass rom guys watch out for andrew coglianoo
  5. On the trade block if anyones interested Alexandre Borrows
  6. its 4 30 .... Woodbridge Warriors select another Woodbridge native F Andrew Cogliano in the 11th round..... fast mother fuckerrr lol
  7. im proposing a trade: My 14 pick in the 11th round for a higher spot, then 12th round u get my 11th [ick, hit me if interested? "raph" lol
  8. Woodbridge Warriors select D James Wesniewski in the 10th Round
  9. Woodbridge Warriors select F Paul Stastny in the 9th round.
  10. guys we should make 8- 12 very fast f**k dis 2 day s**t.. make every round 1 day if noone picks by den select them next best frw d or g iighttt
  11. Woodbridge Warriors select John-Michael Liles D in the 8th round
  12. Woodbridge Warriors select a Woodbridge native Michael Del-Zotto D in the 6th round
  13. thats if Caged doesnt pick him
  14. The Woodbridge Warriors Select Brian Campbell D in the 5th round
  15. Woodbridge Warriors F1: Pavel Datsyuk F2: Mikal Gerbovski F3: Joffery Lupul F4: Alexandre Borrows F5: Paul Statnsy F6: Andrew Cogliano D1: Brian Campbell D2: Michael Del-Zotto D3: John-Michael Liles D4: James Wisniewski G1: Ryan Miller G2: Alex Auld
  16. sry i was at work i work mon - sat 730 to 7 est so cant make picks den, thanx for Lupul, i need Defence noww!!!
  17. I allrdy sent my list to plabax , hes not here but i wanna change my pick b4 Caged picks, so ill chane Jonas Hiller G for Ryan Miller G, if Caged picks one of them ill choose the other if not The Woodbridge Warriors choose Ryan Miller G in the 3rd round
  18. not gunna wait all day Woodbridge Warriors choose Jonas Hiller G in the 3rd round , if anyone above chooses him b4 me then ill choose someone else let me no
  19. Woodbridge Warriors pick Pavel Datsyuk frw first round
  20. Woodbridge Warriors , thats my symbol on the left plabax i edited it ill send u this 1 Home Black shirt, Black pants, Red Trim, Black Helmet Away White Shirt, Red Pants, Gray Trim White helmet
  21. count me in aswell let me no everything raph iight
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