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  1. Great B season!!! Vernon actually won a cup? don't believe it...
  2. This is great even though I suck....
  3. At this point anything league would be preferable to not playing...almost forgot about this
  4. Kinda needing a league at this time stinks spring of 14 didn't happen...
  5. do you think a controller makes a difference? Are some better then others?
  6. Culls17 in GEN 40 Season-Philadelphia I will be available every Tuesday night from 9-11:30ish PM I want to finish all my games this season and not go chasing people around. AIM: Culls17 Can somebody Get an AIM thread going for this division so I know all the folks in the league?
  7. Newby here. Had great time in Gen B Spring League..looking forward to the fall. Why would you take penalities out of a hockey game? Who are we Gary Betman trying to eliminate fighting? It makes the game more interesting let it ride. The league is working well.
  8. IN, please include me in any league set up this summer. Had a great time in the spring ( regardless of record), I guarantee improvement from here on out. Bring it bro!!
  9. Played a few games lat night againts the computer, think I am ready for some human competition. aim: Culls17
  10. OK I am in I have ordered the controler. I got my screen up on my TV. Download the software tonight.... How do I get a few practice games in? I think I will be very glad I found this site. Aim: Culls17-evenings best