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  1. I'm not an authority on the subject, but I believe the release of the source code would make many things possible. For example, while it may still take a ton of work for someone with lots of editing knowledge- things like Season Mode and Fighting would be in the realm of possibility.
  2. Enjoying the new version. Thanks guys!!!
  3. It's your ROM and your choice, but I think you should leave the seven game playoffs in the game.
  4. Hey Clockwise, Any progress on sharing your method for clean looking in-game logos? I know it would help me a bunch, mine tend to come out a little off.
  5. I'd be interested, provided Dr.Pizza isn't involved in any capacity.
  6. LOL Does anyone else hear *ding dong the witch is dead*?
  7. Has anyone figured a way to use unique player cards for Anaheim and Florida in 94? I am working on what is, for lack of a better term, 'ultimate edition' of the game with correct 93-94 uniforms (New Jersey, Anaheim, St.Louis, etc. updated) along with some other cosmetic touch-ups and was hoping to add player cards for the starting lines of the expansion teams. Thanks
  8. I'll have to side with Jamonica on this one. Pizza, you just can't be trusted not to just go bonkers once a month or so and piss off five-ten people who then all leave.
  9. Jay, I would be willing to help with graphics for your new ROM. LMK Ryan
  10. Yeah that's too bad. The early progress reports looked really good, it was shaping up to be a winner.
  11. The problem with Mack's ROM is that, while I like that he upped the fatigue factor- it seems a bit overboard that your players are gassed for the entire period after one shift.
  12. Mack, I love the ROM, great work. One question, have you given any thought to putting Ottawa in their alternate black uniforms? I know you strive for accuracy, but the Sens red jerseys are impossible to replicate and they always come out looking like Chicago or New Jersey. Thanks
  13. I don't think "the boot" is necessary, but the strong feelings of sportsmanship, respect, and even brotherhood is one of the things that drew me back into this game in the first place. Those qualities need to be upheld for a league to thrive and grow. (Please note that I am not bashing either of these guys personally, PIzza is always cool with me and I don't recall even talking to NJKiller)
  14. I am looking to change some of the text on the Ron Barr pre-game screen. Does anyone have the offsets or any other helpful tools? Thanks
  15. That did it. Thanks clockwise. Does anyone know how the game determines which six player cards to display/rotate on the main menu? I would like it to be the top line for each team but can only get a *seemingly* random assortment.
  16. Thanks for the help fellows. I have finished all of the rink logos. Does anyone have suggestion for changing the overall ratings of each team? Most of the info I can find is 26 team '94 based, is the 30 team ROM (which I am now using) any different? Some of my teams are showing odd ratings such as "; 7"
  17. Below is the file I have trying to use as the center logo. Maybe the problem is in that? Wboy and Clockwise- I double checked on all your suggestions and I have all of that stuff correct.
  18. First of all I want to thank wboy and all the others for their great tutorials and references. Without those I wouldn't have made it this far. Currently I am working on a ROM for my fantasy league, but that is basically a tune-up so I can better know what I am doing when I start work on my first real project- either a WHA or 80's NHL ROM. My problem is that my rink logos don't match the palette I am using. I imported the team home strip palette from NOSE, but the center ice logo still looks funky, using colors not even found in the palette. Any help is appreciated, I have attached screenshots below. Thanks
  19. Sens please! EDIT: I just noticed in the rules section that line changes are set to "auto"? "Off" is pretty much the standard...
  20. Looks sweet!!! Hopefully I will be testing it out after the Sens close out the third period! *crosses fingers*
  21. I would be willing to help out with some administrative-type duties if that would help get the league going.
  22. So...not to be "that impatient guy" or anything...but are we starting up soon? and I never noticed that my avatar looks like Zoidberg until you guys pointed it out- but now I can't NOT see it!
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