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Found 11 results

  1. Online Handicapped Playoff League tl;dr - do you want to join a 16 team playoff bracket where you have max 7 days to complete each series using Genesis over RetroArch only that starts Wednesday April 1? If YES, reply here to indicate interest or DM me on Discord (danTML7#0996), and I’ll update the list of players as we go. If you want to know the details, read on past this point. There’s been some clamor going on lately about people wanting to do an online tournament because we are all stuck at home, quarantined, and we can’t do in-person events. Leagues also can be troublesome to co
  2. ECHL is here to stay!!!! This is a NHL95 version of the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League). 26 Teams in the league - Just like in real life. Rosters updated as of September 4th, but will need a quick once over. 8 additional teams from previous years (folded) Alaska Aces Chicago Express Dayton Bombers Greensboro Generals Knoxville Cherokees Peoria Rivermen Elmira Jackals Quad City Mallards If there is anything else you would like to see in NHL95. Let me know of PM me. ECHL2
  3. Introducing Champions Hockey League '21. Anyone needing their alternative to KHL, here is your CHL fix for the other major leagues of European Hockey. Rosters effective as October 19th, 2020. Updated logos and jerseys. New splash screens and player cards. CHL '21(95).bin
  4. Hello everybody, Since it is sometimes not that easy for EU players to play NHL94 leagues, I wanted to ask if there are enough EU players who want to revive the EURO94. Very much like SNES but also GENS :-D Maybe we can get enough for a small league together. Just write in at # Euro94 in Disccord or here in the forum. Is just an idea ... Player GENS SNES 1. dmm1000 X 2. Pearate X 3. Kaba78 X X 4. LaTormenta X X 5. Hot_sauce X
  5. ### SNES NHL94 Summer League 2020 ### If chaos agrees, I would organize anothers SNES Summer League. ### Register ### Just post your nickname here. ### Rom & Rules ### Rom and Rules an in the normal SNES League, fom the site. Rom for the playoffs ist the SNES Playoff Rom, fom the site. ### Draft ### A random generator determines the order of the draft. ### Format ### SNES Summer League is an one divion league. Any Team has two home and two away games. The top half
  6. I know it's always been an issue of having people complete their league games in a specified amount of time, especially meeting checkpoints. There's nothing specific that brought this up, I just know it was an issue when I first played here in 2007 and it appears to be an issue that continues today. What are your thoughts about having league checkpoints that could be incentive based? Classic for example, each coach is to complete 8 games per week. 1st person to log 8 games that week = 3 pts 2nd = 2 pts 3rd = 1 pt Each week follows the same formula. At the end of the season, the person
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on when a new season is going to start up?
  8. This thread is for information, questions, and answers about the NHL'94 World Cup Tournament I want to set up (Genesis version). To sign up: to keep things organized, please use the Signup thread. The first thing I should get out of the way: this World Cup tournament has nothing to do with countries. It's just set up in the same way as the Soccer World Cup: Qualifying stage (August?) Group stage (September?) Tournament stage (October?) We'll play with either the original ROM or a weight-bug-fixed and goalie-control-button ROM. In each stage you qualify for, you'll play against 3-4 othe
  9. The Forum Member Sim League (FMS League) is looking for players! The Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to draft members from the NHL94 forum to participate in a simulated league. Each team will consist of 6 forum members and compete in a four week long season. Games will be simmed by me in cpu vs cpu demo games. Team and forum member stats will be tracked and posted. The top four teams will compete in a postseason for the Stanley Cup. Participation is very easy. Simply reply in this thread that you
  10. Season 2 begins! All the information you need is below. First, there is a website to keep everything centralized (thanks again Google!): I recommend you bookmark it. There you can click on your name to log your scores, see standings, available teams, etc. Each person has a unique link that will open up directly to their page. How to log scores is explained in detail at the end of this post. We have two divisions of 7 this season: East Division (forum name/aim) Alonzi41/ batbl18/batbl18 Bo Knows NHL94/BoKnowsNHL94 dcic
  11. Welcome to the Survivor League Season 2 Sign Up and Information Thread! This season will be very similar to the inaugural season, with the following changes: Weight bug fixed ROM (thanks smozoma!), instead of classic. Goalie Control "Y" button hack! (thanks clockwise!) All 26 teams available to use (1 home and 1 away), instead of a randomely chosen set. Penalties for not finishing games in the regular season. You will lose an "x" number of teams available in the playoffs (if you make it) for missing regular season games. How many teams you lose, for how many games, and what teams