CHI (HABS) - Season 2

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Another big series awaited the Edmonton Oilers, fresh from their grinding games with the New Jersey Devils as they took on the Chicago Blackhawks, the no.1 seed in the Campbell Conference. There's a lot of energy from the Hawks as they had ousted the Boston Bruins in a 4-game sweep and are one of the heavy favorites in the playoffs, although the Oilers aren't strangers to teams with that label. Will Mario Lemieux guide them to another upset special or Pavel Bure will strike them down like a supercharged asteroid?

Game 1

Inside the storied Chicago Stadium there would be a wild game coming in this night. The Blackhawks decided that the heavy hitters Brian Glynn and Paul Cavallini will the ones to lay the pain on Lemieux, Peter Bondra and Denis Savard, whereas the Oilers decided to give a shot to Adam Burt. Bure gets the game going with a great play in cooperation with Kevin Dineen and Keith Primeau, another one of the Hawks' heavy hitters as he rung a shot past Hextall. Ronny would jumpstart the Oilers' response with a quick pass for Savard towards mid-ice and he went in all alone and shoots a deke past Terreri for the tying score; Bure again would show up with nifty moves of his own only 9 seconds later. For a large part of the game, though, Edmonton came out swinging and hit Chicago in the mouth as Bondra and Savard came up with big scores and Lemieux got another hat trick game in the 2nd period, including 2 short-handed goals and the help of Rob Blake and Burt. Primeau would get a goal for Chicago as the 2nd period was wrapping up. Bure and Dineen got big goals as they streaked past the Oilers' D as they looked shaky again when trying to hold a big lead and made such a comeback that the fans went wild! The euphoria was changed into silence as Lemieux got the goal that would prove to be the game winner with the help of Savard and Blake. Hextall and the d-men held the Blackhawks in check as Edmonton stunned Chicago for a tough win. EDM 1-0

Game 2

Expectations rose as game 2 went underway with a promise of another wild night in store for the fans. For Edmonton, this was were Bondra and Savard would start to pitch in and prove to the crowd that Lemieux was not the only great star in the squad as Bonzai scored first blood, zipping past Chris Terreri with assists by Savard and Blake. Dineen made a counterattack as he scores the tie in a strong effort, swinging past Kjell Samuelsson and Blake to nail Hextall in the corner; Savard responded in kind, gaining back the lead for Edmonton, but Bure strikes back with a nice pass from Glynn and the Russian Rocket did the rest. Super Mario then stuck gold yet again on the Chicago power play as Hextall gave a pass to Bondra and he faciliated Lemieux's efforts with a nice pass whose shot found paydirt, but it was Primeau's turn to score shortly thereafter on the same power play and thus ended a rather legendary 1st period which is rarely seen in playoff games. Keith Primeau got things started in the 2nd period as he got in a nice one-timer from Bure and Cavalini. Bondra took a pass from Blake from deep in the Oilers' zone and took it all the way, eluding Glynn and Cavallini and shot it past Terreri's legs, but just as the siren was about to scream at the end, Bure gets the goal from Dineen and Glynn, stunning Hextall and the defenders and Chicago went to intermission with a 5-4 lead. Chicago looked to add more to it, but Denis Savard had other ideas, showing lots of hussle on the Hawks' zone and got rewarded for his efforts with the equalizer! Edmonton again shut the door on the Blackhawks' collective noses for the rest of the 3rd period and the game goes into OT! Both teams quickly began going back and forth with each other, looking for that one winning goal and Edmonton got it from Lemieux's hands as he recieved a pass from Savard and blazed past the Hawks' D and scored the winning goal as Cavallini, Primeau and Glynn were helpless. The Oilers won a wild one yet again! EDM 2-0

Game 3

Momentium started to swing to the Oilers' side as they stole the thunder from the Blackhawks twice at Chicago Stadium and got back to the Northlands Colliseum for the next big win. This time it went to be a duel between the teams' best speedsters: Bure's supernova-like speed versus Bondra's graceful velocity. Dineen and Brian Glynn scored first blood for Chicago as they got a 2-0 lead in the first period and kept things that way as they stopped the Oilers' forwards with some strong play on defense. Lemieux then began the counterattack as he took it to the distance for a power play goal from Savard's pass that lead him to open ice and Bondra got his first score from Samuelsson and Blake. Bure snatched the lead for the Hawks again as the worked in tandem with Glynn and Frank Musil, who got the starting nod this time around and so Chicago went with the 3-2 lead to intermission. However, Bondra's magic would now blossom when Edmonton's faithful needed it the most, and what a way to do so by starting the 3rd period with a lightning fast goal from Blake and Lemieux at faceoff! Bure scored on a lone goal with swift moves and speed by getting past Hextall despite his best efforts shortly thereafter, but Savard nailed another strong effort with a goal from assist by Blake and Hextall. Shorthanded after a penalty by Rob Blake from roughing, Bondra wasted little time as he danced past Musil and Glynn and faced Terreri once more and defeats him for the hat trick that served as the leading goal as the Blackhawks' goalie was helpless against Bonzai's amazing moves. Primeau got the power play goal for the tie not long after, but Bondra once again showed his magic as he scored two great goals on a 19-second span with the help of 2 of Lemieux's assists, as well as Blake and Kjell Samuelsson. Bure got his hat trick late in the 3rd period, but that was all Chicago could do as the Oilers held on once more for the win. Bondra got the First Star distintion for his best outing in the playoffs.

Game 4

Spirits were high in the Oilers' locker room as they sought to gain a clean sweep over 1st seeded Blackhawks and they may do it yet in front of their home crowd at the Norhtlands. Mario Lemieux got things started on a minute into the 1st period on a lone goal effort, while Bure responded with a shot of his own from the hands of Primeau and Glynn for the tie. Bondra scored on a hussle from Chicago's zone and on the power play it was Rob Blake's turn to score as he blazed a shot into the net thanks to the unintended screen from the Hawks' d-men on Terreri's front and Bondra scored his second goal in cooperation from Lemieux and Blake late in the 1st. It would seem like Edmonton would really go on with the sweep. Chicago had other ideas in mind and after regrouping in the intermission, decided to spoil their plans. This would turn in slowly as Primeau scored the only goal of the period from a pass from Kevin Dineen as Edmonton sought to try and get a bigger cushion while playing defense. This would backfire on them in the 3rd period as Dineen got the 2 goals that would tie the game from both a power play and on the shorthanded situation. Chicago somehow managed to grind Edmonton's defense and capitalized on their mistakes, sending the game into overtime. There wouldn't be another miracle or a golden opportunity for the Oilers as Bure made a sweet shot past Hextall's right leg for the big win. The home crowd went silent as the sweep was denied from the Oilers and it's back to Chicago! EDM 3-1

More after lunch! (And because there may be a character limit. x_x)

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Game 5

The Blackhawks come back home to Chicago Stadium in the hopes of turning the tables on the Edmonton Oilers. With the losses at home still fresh in their minds, they were also looking for a little payback. This time it was Pavel Bure's turn to shine as the Russian Rocket came and went as he pleased in the Oilers' zone, scoring the first 2 goals of the night 10 seconds apart as the 1st period went underway. Glynn scored from a slapshot following a pass from Bure, Bondra scored and Bure reached his hat trick and then some. Lemieux closed the period with his goal from assists by Savard and Adam Burt. Things got worse before they got better as Hextall was pulled and Ron Tugnutt came in to close the wounds, but it was insufficient as the Hawks kept on attacking. Bure scored 4 more times in the 2nd period and twice more in the 3rd period. Lemieux's 3rd hat trick of the playoffs was of little consolation as the Oilers got ran over tremendously out of the building. In the locker room, he stood up and gave a vow to all of his teammates:

"We'll get back home to Edmonton, pull ourselves together and fight this thing together! Follow my lead and we will get it done! Game 6 will be ours!"

EDM 3-2

Game 6

The Blackhawks have smelled blood and they know quite well that the Oilers were still licking their wounds following the 12-4 massacre they just went through. The atmosphere in the teams' locker rooms could be felt like a pair of volcanoes; Bure and Primeau assured their team that their game plan and their style is what brought then into the playoffs as the conference's best team and they will take game 6 and the Oilers knew that there would be so much at stake if they lost this night. Ron Hextall becomes outspoken in the locker room, vowing that the embarrasment on game 5 is behind him and that he will become his team's wonderwall no matter what. The teams skate to the ice at the Northlands Colliseum and battle it out as though their lives depended on it. After a tough struggle during the 1st period the Hawks score first by Primeau's teamwork with Dineen and Bure and it would seem that it may be the start of something big, but Chicago would have another thing coming. Edmonton got some golden opportunities on power plays as Primeau and Glynn sat on the penalty and the Oilers pressed on the attack. Blake cuts deep into the Hawks' zone and as he took position on the right corner, he gives a pass to Lemieux who shot a big one-timer despite being covered by a Chicago d-man for the tying score. Lemieux struck again for another power play goal after a tussle in front of Terreri's net and after some help from Bondra and Samuelsson, Super Mario hammered in another score. The crowd was tense, but hopeful as the game went on. Hextall pulled some great heroics after the Blackhawks' first goal, blocking the latest one-timer attempts from Bure, Primeau and Dineen and stuffing their dekes with his large frame and legs. He also recieved support from just about everyone on the team as they entered intermission with a 2-1 lead that looked to change at any time. The Oilers kept with their plan, forcing Chicago to respect their zone and with Hextall's confidence increasing with each passing minute and vying for a shot on goal when it presented itself. Late in the 3rd, that chance couldn't have come at a better time. Bondra recovers the puck from Edmonton's zone and rushes in from the left, sees Mario open just enough at the middle of Chicago's zone and feeds him with a crips pass that Le Magnifique uses for a one-timer that was nothing sort of splending and the crowd goes wild with his 4th hat trick of the playoffs! A hooking call by Kjell Samuelsson looked like it opened a curtain for the Blackhawks to exploit in the final minute, just how they did it in the last few games and Terreri is pulled for the extra attacker; Dineen, however, got tagged for interfierence after trying to fry Hextall off of his crease and the Oilers defended with everything they had... Burt gets the puck behind the next as the clock is running out... 5...4...3...2...1...0! The Edmonton Oilers have done it! They have knocked out another favorite team, and it was none other than the Chicago Blackhawks! The entire team comes out to mob Lemieux for a big group hug as the home crowd cheers like they never cheered before. Bure and his team, dissapointed as they were, fought hard to try and go to the Conference finals, but that was not to be. Now the Oilers await the challenge that may come from either the Montreal Canadiens or the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I thought I was gonna choke this off like a large piece of turkey meat! GGS

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I did.

i did too. but would been easier if he or habs made vids

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I wish I could have recorded all the stuff, but I'm a bit paranoid about the latency when recording, so I do all the walls of text. I guess no one liked them, huh?

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I wish I could have recorded all the stuff, but I'm a bit paranoid about the latency when recording, so I do all the walls of text. I guess no one liked them, huh?

I'm pretty sure recording doesn't add latency.. it generates a 200kb file over 10 minutes, which is nothing. It's like 360 characters per second.. when doing ROM hacking, I enable instruction tracing, and it prints about 10mb per second, about 30,000 times more data...

the code for recording netplay would be something like this, 60 times per second.

If recording==true then
   printToFile(frameNumber, buttonStates)
End If

my suggestion is to split up the writeups by period. huge paragraphs tire the reader out. my writeups were too long, too, i think. no idea if anyone read them.

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WTGA make videos Americans won't read unless it is in People Magazine

Agreed Vinny

I havent read a 'novel' or 'paperback' since the summer of 1985 when i had to read 'Red Pony', 'Lord of the flies' and 'Catcher in the Rye'.

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