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'92 Classic Season 3 Rom and Scores


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Season begins now!

Play each team 4 times (2 H and 2 A). (28 games).

Post screenshots or scores in this thread. Like we did in previous seasons.


If you miss the screenshot just post score and number of fights won by each team as that is the only stats/awards I track. Raph kept some other stats so screenshots are the best to post.

1 Deadline.

Regular Season ends: Sunday March 27 at midnight Eastern Time.

Regular Season Rom


Good Luck everybody.

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If you don't know, you can press shift+backspace and GENS will take a screenshot and save it in the same folder as your GENS. If you press multiple times, it will make multiple files and won't overwrite, which is nice. I recommend both guys try and screenshots.

Also, the format saved is .bmp, which is large and unfriendly to post. Best to open in MS Paint (or similar image program ) and resave as .png before posting. That extra step is greatly appreciated.

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The season openers at LA, with the Kings squaring off against the Flames.

Game 1


This game was on a knife edge. Sandstrom was feeling hot and feeling the back of the net often. On the Flames, Theo was slicing and dicing through the hefty McSorley-Robinson defense and putting away pucks that could only be scored on a video game!

With 5 fights won by the Flames, they dominated physically, while the Kings managed to squeak out a win.

Game 2


In response to the sheer brutality unleashed by the Flames in Game 1, Sandstrom responded by destroying the dynamic defensive duo of Suter and MacInnis with his deadly slapper! The Kings were relentless, and at times, the post unforgiving for Flames fans.

McSorley was served a beatdown, and in a rare turn of events, Gretzky tried his hand in hockey's boxing ring and got taken down after only two punches to the schnozz.

Stay tuned for the final two games of the series broadcast live from the Stampede town!

Live from Stampede town - the Flames crush the Kings!


With the series tottering toward parity for both teams, LA laces up their skates and goes for the kill.


A cracking series, a true testament to the strength of both teams.

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LA and Ba55i5t is legit contender.

GGs and here is how you post.

Looks like I may have lots of time to be commisioner.

This is looking like a very strong league.



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Just watched a video on using a windows trick to resize the screenshots quickly:

Won't work for everyone, but those that still use windows email program should work. (You can also create a fake email profile if you think this method will be easier/faster than resizing individual images)

STEP 1: open your GENS folder to find your screenshots and select all from your series

STEP 2: right-click and select SEND TO -> MAIL RECIPIENT

STEP 3: select "Smaller: 640 x 480"

STEP 4: an email is generated with your newly shrunk images in the attachment bar

STEP 5: you can now copy and paste these images into a new folder to be uploaded.

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Screenshots were bad...

Game 1: CGY 6 - 5 STL (Fights CGY 1 - 1 STL)

Game 2: CGY 5 - 8 STL (Fights CGY 4 - 2 STL)

Game 3: CGY 5 - 4 STL (Fights CGY 3 - 0 STL)

Game 4: CGY 5- 6 STL (Fights CGY 2 - 1 STL)





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Gens is screwing up the screenshots for me:


Game 3: CGY 5 - 4 LAK (Fights CGY 3 - 0 LAK)

Game 4: CGY 5 - 7 LAK (Fights CGY 4 - 1 LAK)

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